Xadee Johnson and the SoCal Brotherhood

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November 5, 2015

12212304_10205654956436743_259766223_nHey Xadee! Hows everything?

Hey Tim, everything’s been alright.

What have you been up to lately?

Man, where do i start? It has been the most hectic year of my life. Paintball has been put on hold and believe me when I tell you it has been the hardest thing i’ve had to do. I was diagnosed with a heart condition this last april, put on many medications, and given a lot of restrictions. No work, no school, and the worst part no paintball. I’ve kept pretty quiet about the condition. I didn’t want people feeling sorry for me or make a big deal about it if that makes sense.

How long have you been playing for?12208060_10205654955956731_1961340600_n
I’ve been in the paintball industry since the day I was born. My dad worked at SC Village and instead of taking me to daycare I went to the field. So by the time I turned 8 I had watched many games played and refereed. I felt like I was ready to get out there on my own. I played my first speedball game with my brother and his friends in 2003. From then on I played off and on, playing rec ball and some speedball games. I started competing in speedball tournaments with my first team Kodiak Republic in about 2011.

What are some of your favorite paintball memories?
My favorite paintball memories are just when I have all my friends and family together shooting faces. My favorite event is decay of nations because I get to see all my LA Hitmen family and everyone else that comes out to just have fun.

What is it about paintball that you enjoy so much?
I have so much love for paintball. It has brought so many great people into my life. My two best friends Randy and Adam. As well as so many other people I have gotten to meet. I’ve even met an amazing team from Hawaii, the 808 outlaws. They are amazing players. Shoutout to Maui paintball!! Also the feeling on the field is just undescribable. All your worries go away. You don’t have to worry about things that aren’t going right, you just keep your mind fully in the game.

What have you been up to this season?

Well this season I finally got my heart surgery, and am glad to say that is was a success! I haven’t been on the paintball field since april. I’m recovering and making sure I’m ready to get back on the field. I will be playing my first event back December 13th, at Linh Truongs charity game at ASG paintball park, and hope I can see a lot of people there. I have recently gotten the opportunity to join a team called SoCal Brotherhood. I will be playing alongside my brother Langdon once again, as well as some newcomers to the game Josh, Alex, and Indy.12204561_10205654956076734_1643116500_n


Who has inspired you in paintball?
My father and brother have been the biggest influences to me not only in life but in paintball. They have taught me everything I know. In the game of paintball you can get so caught up in wrong calls, losses, fear, but they have taught me that you can’t let those things get to you. Having them support me through all these years has made me the player I am and I want to continue playing.

Lastly, I would love to thank RAZA Paintball and Golden State Sports for always making sure all of my paintball needs are taken care of. I hope to see everyone out there on that feild once again! Thank you for your time!

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