WPBO releases new bunkers.

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January 22, 2016


WPBO Bunkers Dave Bains

Yesterday the World Paintball Organization (WPBO) released their new bunker additions for the 2016 NXL, PALS and Millennium seasons. The surprise shocked the world as Facebook and Instagram feeds began blowing up with photos of Dave Bains (6’4) at his field Capital Edge Paintball Park in Sacramento, California with something never seen before.  The W or “WIN”  bunkers as referred to by the WPBO in an official press release, which would be release later after the photos emerged and an intense discussion across Pbnation and social media sites erupted as players and fans expressed their opinions.WPBO new bunker memo

“WPBO introducing WIN and Mini Win bunker.
The WIN Bunker will now replace the Race to, Millennium and PALS “A” bunkers in order to play the same field all over the world.

This new bunker will bring a lot of improvements to the game: Fewer players will be eliminated on breakout, Players will have more position options on breakout, The center will become more crucial to game play.

Overall, the game will be more interesting to play, thanks to increasing tactical options, as well as more exciting to watch.

Ecperienced players who have the ability to “feel” the game will be ablto to express their skill resulting in more exciting “crazy” moves.

With all of these improvements, the WPBO is expecting an incredible 2016 season.”


There is definitely a good mix of opinions on the new bunkers. It would seem that you either hate it or like it.

Tyler Harmon of San Diego Dynasty commented, “The new bunker set is very intense. The ‘Wu-Tang’ bunker, as I like to call it, should make for some fun and interesting plays up the middle and add a whole new dynamic to the field!”

While Archie Montemayor, seemed a little less than thrilled taking to Nation to voice his dissatisfaction.Archie Pbnation Bunker Post


Ronnie Dizon of Chicago Aftershock thought, “The new bunkers are going to be interesting to see play out. Just like every new bunker, players will have to adapt to the shape and how it affects the overall field. The small “W” seems like it will play like the small “M” bunkers in the millennium. Similar to a mini-race bunker but with it not being as angled. The big “W” however will be quite different. Depending on the height of the player it seems you’ll be able to play the sides as well as the the two dipped down parts of it making it that many more spots a player has to check off if opposing the bunker in play. I’m almost positive off the break shooting will be able to shoot over the big “W” and with those gaps will only open more lanes.”


Corey Field of Seattle Thunder, “I think they were in a hurry to make the bunkers. I was expecting something like the M in the Millennium series. I like the fact no one can see your feet in the middle. I believe there will be more explosive moves up the middle, but it also has given the laners a way to shoot them off the break judging from the pictures.”


Ryan Greenspan was a little less than thrilled taking to Facebook to express his opinions on the matter.
Ryan Greenspan Dynasty

“What a joke! We are now playing behind a giant evil mustache bunkers courtesy of the new governing body of our league. I just imagine a room filled with a bunch of Terrance and Howard characters bobbling around drawing squiigly lines with pencils and one person shout in excitement, “I’VE FIGURED IT OUT!! WE’VE REVOLUTIONIZED PAINTBALL”

Just when I thought our sport was moving in the right direction they attempt to be clever and create a new monstrosity to represent the WPBO. Good thing Dynasty has been around long enough to know how to deal/put up with the shit”


We also caught up with Michael Hinman, “If the heads of the WPBO feel that these upgrade pieces are what we as tournament paintball players need to do to make tournament paintball more exciting then I’m glad they are doing it. As for the WCPPL we won’t be adopting new pieces for our 2016 season. Jerry, Huey and myself believe that if we were to come up with new pieces, it should be launched at World Cup and not at the beginning of the season when people are scrambling to get themselves a set to play. We also believe that player feedback is crucial to any decisions that we as a league make. I think that step might have been missed by the other leagues. But paintball will still be paintball! I’m sure this will calm down and people will go about having fun playing in 2016.”



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