WCPPL Layout Release!

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January 13, 2016


The West Coast Paintball Players League has released the Beach City Classic’s layout. Going with the mirrored sides, this layout is sure to present new and different challenges for teams competing in the West Coast Series. Both sides have a Dorito and Snake feature with plenty of tower action to help teams reach the tapes.

“This looks like a pretty basic layout. Lots of teams are going to try and get outside early and pay for it. Teams that can get to the corners will have a big advantage. The field should play pretty well. Looking forward to watching the event.” commented Rich Telford.

San Diego Pirate Kerrigan Colwell also stated, “The layout appears to cater to teams and organizations that have “universal” players. Rosters that possess bodies only capable of playing certain positions will certainly suffer.”

“Part of me hates it, the other part of me loves it. With each side being the same it’s kind of a guessing game. Which side do you push, which side will they push, or what codes do you even use to tell them apart?” said Daniel Ball of YourPBFriend.com

Michael Urena of Scottsdale Elevation thinks, “It’s a very interesting layout, it maybe tough for communication since everything is mirrored.”

“”Mirrored layout on both sides? Should be wild. I think teams will master this field much faster than standard layouts, no matter which side of the field you play you’ll be getting rep after rep in the same situations and will learn cross-field shots and zones much faster than a traditional layout.” said Dan Norcross of Royalty

One thing is for sure, everyone is excited for the start of the season to see who will start this season off on a high note and take home gold.


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