USA Wins Nations Cup and Toulouse Ton Tons Beat Edmonton Impact 7-6 to win the Campaign Cup in Basildon, United Kingdom

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July 4, 2016


After a long weekend in Basildon, UK the dust has settled as teams from all over the world traveled far and wide to compete in the Millennium Series’ Campaign Cup. Teams representing Russia, France, United States, Czech Republic, Great Britain, Poland, Sweden, Argentina, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Gabon, Norway, Italy, and Spain would compete in the Nations Cup which would be held on location during the event. Millennium Series features 124 Teams competeing across 6 Divisions, at the top is CPL then SPL, Division 1, Division 2, Division 3, and Division 4. Fierce competition unraveled over the weekend with great triumphs, and huge upsets.

Nations Cup Results:

1st Place: United States
2nd Place: Norway
3rd Place: France
4th Place: Poland

CPL Campaign Cup Results:

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1st Place: Toulouse Ton Tons
2nd Place: Edmonton Impact
3rd Place: GI Houston Heat
4th Place: Breakout Spa

SPL Campaign Cup Results:


1st Place: Russian Legion
2nd Place: Lucky 15 Staffordshire
3rd Place: Amsterdam Heat
4th Place: Red Storm Moscow

Division 1 Campaign Cup Results:


1st Place: RMG Symphony Bratislava
2nd Place:  Brussels Heat
3rd Place: West Connection Rouen
4th Place: United Strasbourg

Division 2 Campaign Cup Results:


1st Place: Falkoeping MASH0313
2nd Place: Diaspora Vilnius
3rd Place: FiveStar Lleida 3
4th Place: Ultra Moscow

Division 3 Campaign Cup Results:


1st Place: Harbour Crew Hamburg
2nd Place: Izmir Angelpark
3rd Place: Dartford DOA
4th Place: London Nexus 2

Division 4 Campaign Cup Results:

1st Place: RabbitZ Toulouse
2nd Place: Liverpool Showtime
3rd Place: Consilium Dei Zurich 3
4th Place: Saar Fanatics Lebach 2





Stanislas Polyakov of Russian Legion was crowned 1v1 Champion after defeating Brandon Cornell of Edmonton Impact.

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