Tyler Harmon and the San Diego Dynasty

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October 5, 2015
11822300_10206775329362469_926938475146730964_nTyler the Tiger, how’s everything?

 Everything is Grrrrreat (Tony Tiger voice) hahaha! Paintball, family, health and fitness, self growth, and hunting termites about sums up what I’m doing on the constant.

What have you been up to as of late?

As of lately, I’m just getting ready for World Cup which is right around the corner, and enjoying every beautiful moment of the now with my family. I train several days a week doing plyometrics, sprints, and lifting weights to keep me in good shape for events. I love working hard and using my God given gifts to focus my passion on the sport that I’ve fallen so deeply in love with. I would say I do just about as much off the field meditation on paintball as I do actually playing and physically training. It’s a mental game, so you have to stay sharp and study codes and think about different game situations so you’re prepared when they arise in real time on the field. Apply the time and you’ll see the results, and that goes for anything you do in life.

12002957_10207115432904845_8591239443604161194_nHow’s it feel getting to live the dream?
I am just a normal 26 year old who loves what he does and is blessed to be able to travel and play this sport that I hold so close to my heart with the most timeless people imaginable. Some would call it a dream, but I choose to see it as my truest awakening of which I give continuous gratitude and grace. The dream is inside all of you right now just waiting to be brought to the surface if you reach for the stars right now in this very moment. All we have is right now, and each other so don’t let another day go by without living the life you love.

How’s Dynasty doing?
Dynasty is the greatest experience imaginable! Being able to play along side such legends that I have always looked up to and share the love of the game with each other has been one of the most inspirational manifestations of my life.

 the year going so far?
The year has been a little bit rough with only a 3rd place finish and some close calls, but that only feeds our fire and sets the stage for us to show where we rightfully stand at World Cup.


How do you feel about your new pick ups this year with Alex Rodriguez and Marcello Margott?

I love both of the guys and am thoroughly impressed with both of their styles of play. The key is simply being the best teammates we can possibly be and working together as a seamless unit to win events.

What have you guys been working on while getting ready for World Cup?
 We work a lot on just being a fluid machine and receiving and passing the information that is happening on the field so that we don’t miss anything out there and have full awareness of what is happening during the game. We do a lot of situational drills as well where we set up certain circumstances that happen during games and try to figure out the best way to break down the field. You can never do enough fundamental drills like running and shooting, snap shooting, communicating, and that’s what we will usually end or begin practices with. We are constantly working together and staying sharp so that we can all be there on Sunday with a shot at the title.


What’s it gonna take for you guys to bring home the gold to San Diego?
HEART! And the Warrior mentality.

What are you going to be working on specifically going into the event?
Being the absolute best teammate I can possibly be for my guys, and playing in each moment with a burning passion to win together as a collective.
Who are you looking forward to playing at World Cup?
I can’t wait to play each and every single team that steps onto the other side of the field against us. I don’t get too tied up in rivalries or holding onto the past. I’m steadfast in the moment and take into careful consideration each and every player/team I play against when it’s time to cross that bridge. Of course I do a lot of homework on the various teams in the circuit so I’m ready when we meet but I don’t look forward to competing against any opponent more than any other.

Thank you for taking the time to share a few thoughts together with me. Be sure to support paintball and log into playnxl.com so you can watch us play live in Florida in a couple weeks.

All Love for paintball 🙌

— Tyler Harmon
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