Tokahe Hamil and the Los Angeles Ironmen

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September 25, 2015

11138148_953679958005103_8461740626443139583_nHey Toke, how’s it going man?
Hey it’s going good man just enjoying the amazing weather we get out here in Santa Cruz, California.

What have you been up to lately?

I’ve just been hanging out with friends having the time of my life. Traveling, going to the beach,surfing,skating,going on backpacking hikes, working a lot, oh and of course playing a lot of paintball.

How’s the season going for the Ironmen?

I’d say the season is going okay. We kind of been putting out a mediocre performance. Not doing too bad, but at the same time not doing too well. We tend to play pretty good in the prelims, always advancing to Sunday. For some reason we have a hard time getting outta the quarter finals. Overall I’d say that we are doing good this season and only getting better every time we step on the field together. We are a bunch of young and hungry kids who all just have a ton of heart and love for the game.

What’s been the team’s main focus so far this season?

I think the team’s main focus so far this season has been controlled aggression. So what I mean by that, is we are working out when to counter punch and to throw in those aggressive or not aggressive plays. Als11265124_918853204842702_4235695708305821131_no when to adjust accordingly to what the other team is giving us during a match. But most of all, I’d say our main focus is just being brothers and playing together as brothers and as a team.

What have you been working on?

I’ve been working a lot on my off the break shooting and my field awareness. Also been working on my core and speed. I’m slow haha, and need to be faster. Always gotta work on being mentally prepared as well. You never know what to expect when playing paintball. But I always work on my fundamental because there is a never-ending amount of learning in the game of paintball.

Going into World Cup, what’s gonna be your main focus?

My main focus going into world cup is the same focus going into any tournament, which is to go out there and play as hard as I can and leave it all on the field. Not only for myself but for my teammates, and of course to just have fun.

What’s the team focusing on?
Well we are focused on practicing as much and as hard as we can till the event. But of course going into world cup, our main focus is to win world cup.
What’s it gonna take to bring home gold at World Cup?

It’s going take a lot of hard work and teamwork. At this level it’s all about the will to win and who wants it more. But I believe if we don’t make the little mistakes, don’t beat ourselves, and work as a team, as brothers, we can bring home the gold.

Any teams you are looking forward to playing?
Definitely! Always looking a forward to playing against Dynasty have friends on that team, it’s always a good game and it’s been a friendly rival for a while. Also looking a forward to play Houston Heat that should be a good match to watch.


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