Tim Huza and AGGZILLA

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October 1, 2015

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Hey Tim How’ve you been?
Been well, you know hangin out drinkin some beers. Overall I can’t complain.

What have you been up to as of late?
I’ve been doing some commentary for John and AFPL, that’s been really cool. You get to meet lots of new people.

How’s the year going for you and Aggzilla so far?
This season was lots of fun, we played a couple AFPL events and also the UPL that came through. It poured rain that day and lasted the whole event. We managed to bring home 3rd place at our home field at Camp Pendleton. That was awesome.

How long has the team been together?
About 2 seasons, this year was our second season. A lot of us have been playing together much longer than that though.

What are some things you’ve been working on this season?
Our communication came a long way this year. We tried really hard to be loud and make sure everyone was talking. That helped a lot in our last event.

Who is playing well for you guys this year?
This season I would say that Mr. Matt Smith has really stepped up, and improved his game a ton. Turned into a snake side killer. He’s always out at the field grinding, even if it is by himself. There was multiple times it was just the two of us alive, and pulled a game out with great communication and patience.

What are the plans for the rest of the season?
Currently nothing. Some of the guys are playing on pickup teams for the last events. We’re getting some new jerseys made, so those are coming in for next season. Just staying on the low for a little bit till next season.11899807_1168122519869559_733100881988296526_n

What are some of the goals for next year?
New jerseys, play a couple events, I heard nxl is coming to the West Coast. So we’re gonna try to do that for sure, play some AFPL events when we can. Just to have fun is really the goal. Of course
win trophies too.

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