Virtue earlier this week released this awesome video. It comes with a powerful message of teamwork and partnership. What companies in this industry can achieve through cooperation can and will be something great. We have come so far, and the essence of this sport is teamwork. This 5 part series goes into detail about the companies Virtue, Macdev, and Bunker Kings and their history and where they are heading with their product lines. The underlying message of coming together and consolidating our energies and our ideas to create something better. “This was really positive for me, because I feel like paintball is a team sport. It’s about teamwork, and why can’t the industry be about teamwork as well. It is just so much better” said Bourke Grundy of MacDev. Jason Edwards of Tampa Damage sums up the move by these companies to join together. This series is definitely worth a look and give them a share and a like. They definitely deserve it.