The Day After Tomorrow; 14 Years Later

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January 16, 2018

As I scroll through my Facebook feed every morning, I always see a few articles covering global warming and climate change.  They cover various parts of the topic, all with the same conclusion; we ought to do something about it, and we can.


And it all just makes me appreciate the film even more.  I think it’s aging really well, and it still has an important message for us about climate change.


Let’s note all the great things about this disaster movie.  Impressive visual effects, quality disaster scenarios, and plenty of destruction.  A young Jake Gyllenhaal and Emmy Rossum, whose characters are both well-enough-rounded.  Dennis Quaid and Ian Holm, you know, Bilbo Baggins from LOTR.  The actors all did fine jobs conveying how such people would act when facing temperatures that can freeze gasoline.  I mean, that’s way too damn cold.


That’s kinda where the movie gets ridiculous and Hollywood takes over.  The next Ice Age crashing down on us over the course of, what, a week?  Hail the size of basketballs, several separate tornadoes wrecking L.A., and a tsunami hitting New York?  It certainly is cinematic.


It makes me think about the consequences that we will face from climate change.  Will we see any at all?  Are we in store for more storms and natural disasters, will the globe warm, will any of it be significant?  Or will we advance technologically so that we can weather all the weather changes?


What I really like about this movie is that it strikes a certain point about climate change that we often don’t consider, and that’s the severity and longevity of the change.  In The Day After Tomorrow, our carbon footprint triggers a new Ice Age, and the transition period lasts one storm.  That’s extreme, but Earth pushed back hard against society, and by the end of the movie, those astronauts say that climate balance has been restored.  The Earth fixed itself.


Everything was ok in the end.  Dennis Quaid saved his son, and humanity got a new chance to thrive in a new Ice Age.  Will it work out so well for us?

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