Shane Howe and Sacramento DMG

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October 13, 2015

Hey Shane, hows everything?11707504_10205344051219888_8331087997932409630_n
Everything is going great. No complaints here.

What have you been up to?
 I had a kid, got married, been working, playing paintball, and riding motorcycles. You know just your average everyday stuff. Just trying to spend as much time with my Family as I can. Our son is 15 months, and it seems like yesterday we just had him. Everyday is a new adventure and I try and make the best of it.

How’s Sacramento DMG doing?

Sacramento DMG is doing well. Just grinding every weekend and striving to be better paintball players all around.

How’s the season going so far?
Season was going pretty well, until we played Ohio. For some reason our team just couldn’t get thru a match without getting those red things tossed in the air. I don’t feel we played bad but it makes it hard to win matches when the team is getting majors. Unfortunately we kind of beat ourselves and did not make it to Sunday which is never fun.

What are some of the things the team’s been working on?

Team has been working on communication and closing drills. Also just trying to gel with one another. We have had a few roster changes each event. So it’s getting the new guys comfortable and adapting to our style of play.
What up next for the team?
Next up is just staying focused and finishing out this year strong. Prove that we are one of the top teams in this division and work hard in the off season to come back stronger next year.

What’s it going to take to come away with big wins here at the end?

Always comes down to playing as a team to come away with the wins. Consistency and communication are key to racking up wins.

Who has been playing solid for you guys?

I would have to say Nicky Ormrod is always solid for shooting someone on the break. He is one of the guys that can chop people up when we are down bodies. William Gerber and Jacob Stewart have really stepped up their game, and I’m excited to see what they will do at World Cup.

What’s your top 3 favorite moments in paintball?

1. Winning the first World Cup I attended in 2002 with Momma’s Boys. I had put together a 5 man team for the local events in Nor-Cal and we were always at the top so Ryan Podesta asked if we could merge for 10 man. Was pretty crazy that we didn’t even play together but merged and went in and shocked everyone with a 1st place Victory at World Cup.
2. Having Bob Long ask if I would join his squad in 2005 is definitely in the top 3 also. Playing for one of the Biggest names in paintball. Had a blast on Oakland Assassins.
3. 2008 Playing on Infamous at the Phoenix Open with everything stacked against us. Injured players, sick players, coach having to leave on finals day for a family emergency. Down to the Russians 6-4 in a race to 7 format. Pulling out that Win is at the top of my list and will be a hard one to top. 


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