Robert Gainey and Scottsdale Elevation

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November 2, 2015

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Hey Rob, How’s everything going?
Everything is great, thanks for asking.

What have you been up to lately?
I have been riding a wave. Plus grinding hard.

How’d your season go?

It has been a crazy year. I wasn’t even playing, and a new team asked me to guest with them. It had a few guys I knew, so that was a yes. As Tucson Soulless we played in the XPL event and got 2nd, next up was Vegas. We headed up to Sin City and took 3rd.  The next WCPPL event we played was at Camp Pendleton and got 2nd. After that WCPPL event, I was picked up by the most consistent team in Arizona, Scottsdale Elevation. I played in the next AZPPL event and got 2nd, again. Played the second AZPPL and finally got that 1st place finish my year needed. Boy did that feel good.


What were some of the ups and downs?
The downside to the year was having so many people that didn’t want to put %100 into paintball. %70 won’t cut it in my book. The upside is I finally got on a team that wants it %100 of the time, so look out WCPPL Vegas.

What were some of the things going into the year that you were focused on?
My goals were simple: play team paintball, shoot their guys, and don’t get shot.

12079573_10203542958573118_2758519769613927280_nHow long have you been playing for?

I started in 2003 with a team Total Chaos. I played for 3 years, and after that I left to train in MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). My hiatus ended when my son asked me for a paintball gun for Christmas in 2010. So from there it was full speed ahead.

I know you get to play with your son, what’s that like?
I love my son, and paintball is one place we can compete on the same field side by side. He is only 12 but has played over 7 tournaments with me over 5 years.

 If there is one thing you’ve learned that you’d like to share with everyone what would that be?
Life is a perception of what is really happening, how you see it is how you feel, and how you feel is how you live. So look at the bright side be happy.
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