Rich Telford 2015 Update

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September 28, 2015

1982286_10152295349962733_556189501_nHey Rich, how’s it going?
I’m good thanks

What have you been up to lately?
Same old thing working, working out, playing paintball, and spending time with the family.

How’s the year going for you so far?
10514747_10152577171042313_2531271772846047809_nIt has been a rough year with the loss of the team and the uncertainty of paintball in general.

Last year was a rough one for XSV, what was that like?
Last year was horrible, we had some good guys on the team, but no one with the drive, heart and talent to contend. The season really was over for us the first event.

10402660_798394190170805_1053843666297874739_nWith the rebirth of the NXL, is it possible to see a return of Sacramento XSV?
Its always possible but wont happen is what we did for the last few years with XSV which is just get buy.  If I am going to spend that much time and energy we will have to be able to compete as a top team

What’s your focus for the rest of the year?
Well there are only 2 month left. I’m going to World Cup to work, then off to Mexico for a UWL tournament, and then Christmas with the family.

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