Reyna Garcia and Phoenix Rising, Stunner Squad, and Scottsdale Elevation Cinco

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November 7, 2015

10246318_968380699841305_992347648908655237_nHey Reyna, how it going?
Doing pretty good, been playing a lot of tournaments. I took a little break mid-season for a month and a half because of the little injury that I had in my hand. But other than that I’m back at it, trying to get stronger and hungrier than ever before.

What have you been up to lately?
Well I started playing with this new team, Stunner Squad that Michael Urena started back in April, he is the coach and owner, and I’ve been learning a lot from him.  But he’s been taking care of some personal things, so he hasn’t been able to coach us, so I kind of took over for him for the past two months. It’s been fun

How’s Arizona Paintball?
GREAT!!!  We finally got an old league trying to bring AZ paintball back on the map and it’s awesome. It feels really nice to be able to play a tournament and sleep in your own bed, and playing at our home fields is fun.

What have you been working on this year?11779924_989834361029272_6236511459883639029_o
Well one of my goals for this year was to play more tournaments and I think I’m doing pretty good on that. I was able to play 2 of the WCPPL’s with Phoenix Rising. I couldn’t make it to the last one, and I’m playing with Stunner Squad (Elevation Cinco) along side with my husband for this last WC. Which is awesome because it’s going to be the first out of state tournament that we play together. Can’t wait for this one.

How’s Phoenix Rising?
It’s doing pretty good we have come a long way from barely making it out of prelims last year to getting really close to podium this year

12105768_1025426390803402_2020840251150356833_nYou are playing WCPPL Vegas with Elevation Cinco, what spurred the move?
Well I’ve been practicing since April, and I got invited to play with them for  the last AZPPL events, which we got first in both of them. Having my husband join the team pretty much didn’t leave me with another choice. Like I said before, I’ve been captain/coach for this team so leaving them by themselves to play the first out-of-state event just didn’t seem fair.

How do you like playing with your Husband?

I love playing with this dude. It is just awesome. I mean the connection that we have, how well we know each other. We pretty much know what the other is going to do, so it makes it so much easier, communication and just everything in general. That’s something that I can’t explain when you play with your spouse. It just makes it so much easier and better for both of us. I fully fully recommend playing with your other half. If you have a great relationship it is going to show on the field as well

What’s the team been working on getting ready for the WCPPL Finale?12143290_1028275100518531_1732773632995711997_n
Well we been practicing nonstop Saturdays and Sundays just getting ready for it, we know it is going to be a tough event compared to AZPPL’s, but I think we’re ready for it.

What’s it gonna take to bring home gold?
One thing that I noticed that always brings teams down is communication. So yeah communicate, communicate, communicate and work as a TEAM

I want to give a shout out to our home fields Westworld Paintball and Fort Adobe Paintball and their staff for always having us there to practice every week.

Also to Scottsdale Elevation for taking us in into there a BIG family.

To my awesome husband David, if it wasn’t for him I don’t think I would’ve played so many events this year. For always supporting me and pushing me to do better.

And a big big shout out to Nichola Hayden. If it wasn’t for this girl pushing me into speedball I don’t think I would of ever play speedball.

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