Raney Stanczak and Edmonton Impact

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November 5, 2015

Hey Raney, how’s it going?
Can’t complain, just enjoying this down time that we call the off season.

What have you been up to?
Just got back from cup a few weeks ago and I have been trying to put in some hours playing cards.

Going into the 2015 season, what were you focused on?
Personally I was just trying to get myself ready for the long season and focusing on what I needed to do to bring the best me to my team. Going into 2014 I had told Bart Yachimec I wanted to win all 3 league series championships (at the time I thought there were going to be 3 leagues) and becoming the triple crown winners like Dynasty did back in the day. We won both in 2014 and obviously we wanted to repeat that season in 2015, but you can’t get a head of yourself you just have to focus on the small things.
How were you feeling about Edmonton Impact going into the year?
If I was to only use one word I would go with excited. We just had a great season and picked up 2 highly talent players Keith Brown and Chad Busiere. We had a great season in 2014, but kind of ran with a skeleton crew. Besides J.C and Jrab we didn’t have too much speed, so picking up these two weapons really boosted everyone’s confidence on the team.

What were some of your favorite moments from the season?

Moments on the field I would have to go with winning 3 events in a row again. We won Ohio, London, and Virginia after coming out struggling. To come together and really pick up and find our stride felt really good. Off the field a few of us did a trip to Morocco after the first millennium event for about 11 days or so.

What were you working on going into World Cup?

Personally I was just doing drills and trying my best to bring the best me to cup. I wanted to be ready to play every point if needed or mentally strong if I needed to come off the bench. I didn’t try to do any other activities or playing any other games except paintball. I didn’t want to mess up my head or the flow of the things. You know? Once I start doing something, that’s all I want to do.

What was the team’s focus going into the event?

We had just come off the last millennium event in Paris, and basically squandered an opportunity to win back to back 1978389_829710180395449_3473769181670752082_oseries in Europe. We didn’t have much a chance, but after winning London we had a glimmer of hope. We needed the stars to aline and they did for us, but we were unable to pull out the win against heat to move onto the finals and win the series again. Coming into Cup we had the series lead in the US, but x-factor was right on our tails. We wanted to win the series again and be back to back series champs, but there were many of us who have not won world cup pro. The team just wanted to win cup because it is the biggest and hardest tournament to win. Everyone shows up with their A game and every point is a fight like no other.

Where were you guys finding success during your matches?

I really feel like we found our success right after we lost to Tampa Bay Damage in our 3rd prelim match. They did a really good job on the bounce shots that we knew were there, but didn’t know how to counter it. Going into our 4th match we needed a win against the Russian Legion who were doing the bounce shots very effectively. We also thought we needed to win by 4 points, so we knew we had to execute the game plan flawlessly. We ended up  beating them 6-1 or 7-1 and actually didn’t need the 4 point margin.

Who was playing well or the team?

On friday Nick, Zane, Zack, Keith and myself played really well. However on saturday when we needed that win against the Russians Dave, Jrab, Jc, Chad, and Omelette played lights out. People on our team just step up when it is needed. If one guy is struggling someone else will have a big game and then the next the day it will be the other way around. That is what I love about this team, everyone is capable of being the guy.

What’s gonna be the plan this off season?
Take a little time off and just wind down from the long season. I know Chad Busiere went back to Tampa Bay damage, but we picked up Alex “Mouse” Goldman. I think Mouse will have a huge impact on our team, no pun intended. The guy is a beast and can carry a team by himself. Putting him in the lineup just made our team a lot scarier to play against. Can’t wait for the 2016 season.
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