Pep Escutia and TOPRANK

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January 5, 2016

Hey Pep,

Water or beer?
I’m an athlete, has to be water sir.

12362791_10207087970750072_4345071154566157870_oBurritos or pizza?

Models or girl next door?
Right now at this moment I have to say Model………

How’s everything?
Everything is great, November and December were busy months with Top Rank Innovations. Everything is swell though, and thanks for the interview.

What have you been up to lately?
I’ve been putting in lots of time into the business and staying in shape, been working mostly on the new 2016 line. I’m really excited with all the new products and ideas we have up our sleeves for the new year. I cannot wait to drop some new innovative paintball products for the paintball world. Also I got to have a little bit of some lavish getaways in between, you know……

Whats up with Top Rank?
TOPRANK has been growing, it’s a whole new entity, a whole new animal. We have new concepts, and new innovative developments in the paintball active wear department. TOPRANK  has been getting coverage on many paintball media outlets like, FACEFULL, etc. We also have been picking up dealers all around the nation and pretty much the world.  So we are well on our way. Be sure to expect some new exciting products for the sport this year.

1656203_10207187457117169_3449475556986274806_nWhat new products are dropping for 2016
We are working on a whole new look from what everyone has seen so far. The 2016 line consists of matching jersey, gloves, Headband,pants, elbow pads knee pads, sliders and a few other things still on the black project list, I can’t disclose info just yet. I’m looking to impact the industry. We also have a product line of kids called #TOPRANKKIDZ for the young gunslingers. We’ve seen a spike in kid participants in the industry so let’s get them geared up, kid packs, pants, jerseys, elbow pads knee pads etc.

What’s gonna be the game plan?

The plan is to create TOPRANK into a TOPRANK business to bring good quality product to the end user. We plan to produce the best and most innovative products on the market for the paintball masses around the world. I have also launched a campaign to bring fashion, which is what my passion was at an early age, I now design rugged paintball battle gear, but will now expand into jeans and swag. You know, get a lil Pep in your step. TOPRANK for men by Pep Escutia. Then when toprank is on cruise control I’ll hit the Range. 2016 team??? We will also be doing a few big games, one of them is called Genisys. It’s a fight against the machines Scenario Game, with lots of objectives, we are shooting to help capture all the new players to help grow the sport.

1935738_10207118615316167_5857617673135109121_nMake sure to shop TOPRANK at WestWorld paintball in Phoenix, Arizona, Tempe Paintball in Tempe, Arizona, APC Paintball in Phoenix, Arizona, Central Paintball in North Carolina, Extreme Paintball in Modesto, California, Asylum Paintball in Manchester, England and soon to hit the South American and Canadian markets. Also check out Also look out for that new GHP3 Video game #GHP3 , hint- up right left right B + Y and boom you get a pep player that shoots 100 bps unlimited paint for a few matches. Just kidding, just a thought, and make the request on GHP3 site!!!!!

Shout outs to all my fans and supporters of all my productions.
Pistolero Industry, Pistoleros Famosos, TOPRANK innovations, 11th Reich Etc.

I am truly blessed to have supporters that help grow the business by representing our brand in a positive and of the most high respects. We strive to be the TOPRANK manufacture and producer in the paintball battle of innovative designs for the sport.

Tim I wanna add, thank you and props to the West Coast Meditation movement, meditate to a higher plane. TOPRANK

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