West Coast Meditation: Paintball



The company has been close to paintball since its inception. When we first started in 2010 aside from a few people we knew, the only people who were wearing our shirts were a few pro players and Oakland Fuzion. But that was more than enough to start the fire. From there over the next few years teams and players from the West Coast, Midwest, Northeast, South West, Mid Atlantic, South, Northwest, and even Europe, Central America, and South America would join the West Coast Meditation Team. With their support we have been continually growing over the last few years to become a well recognized brand.


Paintball is an incredibly unique community. The people who fill the sport are 100% passionate about what they do, and put all of their love into it. We believe that is exactly what West Coast Meditation is about and want to be apart of that community. We as a company want to exemplify passion, commitment, love, teamwork, drive, and hard work. So by being involved with Paintball hopefully we may be able to learn a thing or two about these fine qualities, so that we may help spread the love and positivity.11206952_10205697106764564_7861499480698451469_n

We are trying to help the sport by developing relationships with players, teams, leagues, fields, and media producers to do what we can to help spread the awareness of paintball and its vast enormity.

This company is really about enjoying yourself, life can be good and rough sometimes. But no matter what we want you to have fun and have lots of it with friends.

885769_1025285530830101_8621491194797475338_oNo matter where you are from, are who you are. We just want you to come and be apart of West Coast Meditation.