Paintball & Airsoft may be regulated in Rio

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November 11, 2015

The following is a translated article from ALERJ Noticias about Legislation being drafted that will affect paintball and airsoft within Rio.


The practice of paintball, airsoft, and action games that use air guns may be regulated in Rio. The Security Commission and the Legislative Assembly Police Affairs of the State of Rio de Janeiro (Alerj) is working on it. “Our goal is to recognize these activities as sports and create all protection tools for the practitioner who does not wish to be mistaken for a criminal,” said the group’s president, Mrs Martha Rocha (PSD), who authored the bill 842/15, which deals with the issue and was discussed in open court on Monday (9/11).

The main concern of the project is to the similarity between the air guns used in games and firearms. To avoid embarrassment among athletes who are carrying equipment, and also to make it more difficult for them to be used by anyone to commit crimes, a number of measures can be created by the new legislation. “Today, the athlete have no law and is supported only by an order of the army, which can change at any time,” said Guilherme Pereira, director of the National Strike Back Airsoft Team Project. Paintball and airsoft are practiced by leisure, professionally and even as training of police forces.

The bill, which was passed by the Committees on Constitution and Justice and Sporting Goods, but has not been to the plenary discussion, determines that the ends of the barrels of guns should be painted orange or red to identify them. The delegate Rafael Willis, Weapons Inspection coordinator and Explosives of the Civil Police, however, thinks that this marking is still insufficient. “All the weapons can be painted to be distinguished as more real, since this type of weapon, unfortunately, can and does fall into the hands of miscreants,” he said.

Some determinations of the bill is the creation within the Civil Police of Rio, a state register of bullets, weapons of pressure, or holders of weapons would be required to record them and upload the certificate and a traffic tab on shipping. In addition, the locations of activities should be informed to the Military Police Battalion of the area and under 18 are prohibited from buying the markers.

Also at the meeting were representatives of the Military Police, the Brazilian Army and various organizations connected to sports. According to the deputy, the comments submitted will be collected and considered in the design of improvement.



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