Nichola Hayden, Decay of Nations, and English Rose Photography

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November 14, 2015

12193817_840335032752403_5547684660974954413_nHey Nichola, hows everything?

Hey Tim, I can’t complain. I have been so busy this year. What with my regular marketing job at Westworld Paintball and the overwhelming success of my photography business this year. I became the regular team photographer for the Northside family, DMG family, and Tucson Soulless. These guys fast became friends and not just a team I shoot. But that’s to be said with most teams I shoot.

What have you been up to lately?
As you know, I recently got into the Photography business back in April of this year. So my year has been none stop with UPL and WCPPL. Most recently I was fortunate to have been flown out for World Cup to cover some teams out there and one of my main teams from DMG secured the title as D4 Champions. World Cup was most definitely an experience I plan to repeat but this time I plan to go early and come back later so i can actually mix some more and see the local area.This past weekend I was over in Vegas for the WCPPL High Rollers Finale. I was booked solid. Saturday, players may have just seen a fuzzy blur, as I rushed between the fields to make sure I got some top notch pics of the teams. One of my DMG teams from D3 were crowned the champs of D3 and the overall Series winners, and also DMG titanium as the D4 overall Series winners. It always feels amazing watching the teams I shoot for make the finals.

I am also super excited to have been picked up to cover the Fulda Gap Scenario this coming weekend. Much thanks to QT for thinking of me and providing me this opportunity. Will be one of the biggest events I have covered and another new location to add to my list.

How’s English Rose Photography?
Wow, It is outstanding. I never could have imagined how successful it became and how many more doors it has opened for me. You may have even seen me on the Webcast at world cup, as more and more recognize me by my signature fuzzy ears and shorts wearing on the field. Some say I’m crazy, but I’m not going to change who I am. I have started writing, and covering events for Paintball Media Magazine, and I am hoping to be covering more events for them in the future. Make sure you check out the AZPPL and UPL coverage that I have already done.My photography business started out with just paintball, but I am being booked for receptions, Senior pics, Family portrait sessions and much much more. I may complain sometimes at how exhausted I am working a regular 40-60 hour work week, raising a family and utilizing all my spare time into the business, but really I am blessed, honoured and privileged that so many are choosing me to be their photographer. I’ll sleep when I am dead right?

How’s your year been?
Originally it had started off a bit dicey as unsure as to what life had held for me. The previous year I had separated from my husband of 14 years and became a single Mother to 3 teens. (No easy task) But I am a firm believer in “Everything Happens for a reason, no matter how bad it is” so plowed on and got to work. I am always working on self improvement and as someone who suffers Chronic Depression (Quit Medication last year) it is always a giant battle.My life has flipped into something amazing, and I should be grateful for every waking moment. I have traveled to so many events and met so many awesome people and made some great memories that the dark times become lighter and lighter each day. I am now 37 years old, and am proof that you are NEVER too old to start living. I have no degrees in photography nor marketing/business, but I do work hard teaching myself everything I know. I do have to give a shout out to Chris Boettin and Trevor WIll as both have helped me with suggestions on what to invest in and advice on best setting to shoot with. I thank you both,

Lets not forget the kittens that keep coming into my life too. It appears that the universe has decided I need to be a bigger crazy cat lady than I already am, and it keeps sending me these abandoned/feral babies to raise and re home. Nothing like coming home to excited meows and purrs.

12238151_843034012482505_8224259410279085243_oHow was Decay of Nations?

Decay of Nations was awesome as per usual. I rocked my awesome Demon Kitty Mask, and was there with the Demon Knights and Southwest Regulators. I much prefer playing in Scenario events as there is no pressure and everything is fun. This year I camped out on site and I plan to do that now every year. Being able to hang out with all my CA friends is just perfection. Chris Henk is one of the best, and helped get me there for my birthday and Paul Mage set me up with the tent and everything. Also created a new drink “English Rose” which essentially tasted like milkshake and got us all wasted.

I also had the best damn pork I had ever tasted. Linh Troung is a Culinary Goddess and I need some more yummyness.

I will be there again next year for sure.

What are your plans for next year?
I am hoping to get to many more events; like Living Legends, Super Game, More of the NXL and perhaps some travelling around more on the East Coast. I may even be looking at relocating out of Arizona around March, depending on how some things plan out for me. Who knows what will happen 🙂 A lot of it is depending on job prospects and finances, but life has only just begun for me and I am going to go with the flow and see where it takes me.
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