Nate Schroeder and the Portland Uprising

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September 10, 2015

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Just before the Nate Schroeder finished packing for his Transatlantic flight into the once rich regions of Germania (still quite wealthy actually). He was kind enough to do this interview. Nate Schroeder is one of the top players in the game, playing on many home name teams like the DBS Kids, Oakland Fuzion, Sacramento DMG, Los Angeles Ironmen, and Omaha Vicious. Well now Nate is finally back home up in the Northwest playing with a crew he is all too familiar with; Portland Uprising. Here he breaks down how his season has gone so far and what its been like being back with his boys.


So how’s everything, what have you been up to lately?

I been livin’ man. Working odd jobs and here and there, planning for my future here in Seattle (since I moved back late last year) but most importantly having the time of my life with the homies. We’ve literally had something crazy fun planned every weekend this summer and we’ve deemed it the summer to remember. 

How does it feel to be back with a lot of the old school homies on Seattle Uprising?
Can’t put into words how good it feels. We’re so close off the field it carries right over to game time. Most teams are out there grinding every weekend- working on their fundamentals and chemistry. Not us. Some of us have been playing together  for 10 years now. We’ve always had the fundamentals on lock and the chemistry has just been getting stronger and stronger. I chalk that up to the adventures we set out to do this summer. As I mentioned we’re having more fun than ever before and that’s strengthening our bond like you wouldn’t believe. These guy’s are my brothers, fam from day one.
What Leagues are you playing this year? and with whom?
Just been playing in one league this year, the NXL with Seattle Uprising. I was hoping to play Dallas with Uprising but due to the PSP’s D1 restrictions the team already had it’s maximum two pro players. Alex Borromeo and I instead went to help the team and cheer on our friends as they took first place in the last PSP event ever. Big thanks to the NXL for opening up the Semi-Pro division and allowing us all to ball together again. I will be guesting with Paderborn Choleric in the German X-Series followed by Seattle Uprising’s Millennium debut in Paris; all happening in the next few weeks. 
How’s the year going so far? What were some of the ups, downs, and things you’ve been working on?
It’s going great. Took me a few months to get my shot back and my feet under me. I hadn’t played much since World Cup, and to be honest I had no desire to. With Vicious folding I really felt like it was a sign I needed to hang up the cleats. I got really close to all of those dudes so quickly.  It wasn’t until I started coaching a couple local teams that I got the urge to pickup a gun again. I played once a month from April until it was official that Borromeo and I could hop on Uprising with the homies. Those first couple practices were rough. I couldn’t catch a break, I honestly didn’t even see myself starting on our stacked roster and I was completely fine with that. I was just there to have fun, so the frustration factor wasn’t really there. Everything changed when we got to Cleveland. Anyone who watched us that event knows what I’m talking about. We were clearly the team to beat. The biggest thing we had to work on was the little things. Getting to the field on time, making sure we had pods and everything else that goes along with preparing for an event. Once we stepped on the field together it was second nature. No team had an answer for us at that point.
What was the single favorite moment from this year?
My single favorite moment from this season was Sunday morning at the Virginia Beach open. We won our first match to make top four and ended up drawing Distortion- who won the first event due to a swing point. I won’t go into detail about the whole swing point controversy but let’s just say it’s paintball and shit happens. Anyway, we had something to prove when we played Distortion again. I didn’t care about anything else that event. Just to make everyone in our division know last tournament was a fluke and we’re the real fucking deal. Beating them 6-1 was my favorite moment from this year. 
What are you looking forward to on the final stretch of the season?
I’m looking forward to Europe. We got the opportunity to play in the final Millennium event thats happening in Paris, France. I always dreamed of playing in Europe but figured if I did, I would be guesting with some random team. The fact that 6 of us Uprising players are going to represent the PNW is something that I never thought would happen. We’re stoked to showcase our skills and represent our faithful sponsors: Macdev, Virtue and Valken. 
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