Mikaela Wilkins: Destiny, World Cup, KittyAsylum, Asylum United, and the West Coast Women’s Tournament

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October 12, 2015

FB_IMG_1435034229357Hey Mikaela how’s it going?
Hey Tim, I’m doing good. I’ve been super busy lately. I have started going back to school, and now I’m working two jobs. One is at Red Robin, and the other as a nurse at a vet hospital. Then there is paintball. It is definitely hard to balance it all and keep my personal life. However, I am enjoying what I’m doing in life right now.

What have you been up to lately?
Let’s see, I recently went back to school to become a RVT. Which is a registered vet tech, basically a licensed nurse. I have been working to save my money for paintball and I have just been playing and going to the gym on my free time.

How’s your season going?
This season has been great. It has actually been the most fun I have had in a long time. Playing with friends is always a good time. It is great that I get to share this sport with my boyfriend Zach Torres, and play together which is really awesome. I’m glad I finally have someone who supports me in what I do. And shares the same passion for it as me.
What teams are you playing with
This year I have been playing with Asylum United, San Diego Techno Kitty, and then we merged the two for Redzone and play as Kitty Asylum. Lately i have been guesting with DMG gold to play the WCPPL’s. I have also been practicing with Destiny for world cup. We are getting to play alongside girls from the all girls Colombian team Low Profile Royalty. I am very excited to be playing alongside my long time friend Audrey Vasquez on destiny and dmg gold, as well as Bea Youngs at world cup.

What leagues are you playing in this year?
This year I have been playing the WCPPL’s with Asylum United, AFPL 5 man race to with SD Techno Kitty, Redzone with Kitty Asylum. I will be participating in my first NXL event with all women’s US team Destiny for world cup. I have the West Coast Women’s tournament that I will be playing in with Destiny. The roster is really looking strong with some of my favorite girls Audrey Vazquez, Amanda Setzer, and Killiegh “Pineapple” Shilling. So I’m super excited about that.

What’s been your focus on this year?
This year my main focus was to just have fun with my friends. If we win it makes it all that much better. Also I’m trying to better myself as a player, I feel like I have improved a great amount this season.

FB_IMG_1431221864937How was the destiny clinic the other weekend?
The destiny clinic was amazing. I got to see Bea Youngs which is always great. I also was able to play with some friends that I have not seen in a long time. We had some new recruits come out to potentially grow with our team. Saturday we did a lot of communication and fundamental drills to get use to how each other plays. This helped a lot and was able to bring us closer together as a team. Then Sunday we had a scrimmage day at The Ranch in Whittier, California. It was super cool, we did really good as a team, and by the end of the day we found out who works really well together. It felt good getting a solid day of scrims against higher division teams before going into world cup. It was a great turnout of teams including my boys from Asylum United, Daniel Valero, Logan Bacher, Robert “pinky” Ruiz, and Zach Torres even came out to support us and scrim. It’s always cool to have good teams willing to come down and play against you. Playing against them really helped us learn what we needed to touch up on. I feel really confident in Destiny’s chances at world cup.

Are you excited for world cup?
World cup! Oh my God! Yes, I am super pumped! I’m nervous, but super excited to see all the girls again. For the first time ever we are doing an all girls 10 man team competing in open class as Destiny. We will be competing in 5 man with Low Profile Destiny, which is a merged team of Destiny and Low Profile Royalty from Colombia. It will be awesome to see those girls again. We will also be having a team compete in the pump division, led by Linh Troung. I’m looking forward to seeing Destiny compete in all the different formats. I get to see some old friends who are out there. It’s always a good time when I go out the Florida for events with Destiny everyone is so welcoming it’s like another family out there.FB_IMG_1438206196604

What are you doing preparing for the last few events of the season?
In my free time when I’m not waiting tables or helping animals, I have been going to the gym which is new to me.  I finally stopped being lazy and got a gym membership. So I try and go as much as I can to work on my speed and cardio. As well as work on my “guns” haha. I have been trying to eat healthier and cut down on the soda and junk food. I also practice every weekend including double days, so that has been helping me prepare for my final events this season.

What is it like dating another paintball player?
I get that a lot but I have known Zach Torres for years way before we started dating. We have always played against each other at the RPL’s back in the day. Then his old team Malicious and Asylum merged to become Asylum United, and we started playing together. I love it. It is awesome, I never have to worry about him being mad that I have to go to practice because he has to practice as well. Its awesome when we play together we play really well together on the dorito side. We play off of each other and never have to worry who’s playing front and who’s playing back. It’s even better when we win together. I love that I finally found someone who shares the love and passion for the sport as much as I do.

8What is your paintball dream?
Well my first dream has already been made, which was playing alongside Bea Youngs. I grew up with posters of her on my wall. That she had signed for me when I first met her. It really is a dream come true for me to be playing on Destiny. My ultimate goal and dream is to be the first pro female player on a well known pro team and actually play not just be rostered. I will not give up until that happens.

Why paintball?
Well I have played other sports and i love sports in general but there is just something about paintball that i just can’t get enough of. I love the adrenaline rush that I get from it. When you are at the starting box with your team, getting hyped up for the next point, and you hear the countdown. I get the biggest butterflies in my stomach because of the excitement I get. From that point it is all about to begin. I love that feeling wondering if your going to make it to your bunker off the break. I love all the people I have met in this sport, and I love being a girl in this sport. Getting to prove that I can keep up with the guys.

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