Los Angeles Collision Wins WCPPL’s Beach City Classic

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March 13, 2016

Beats Los Angeles Platinum 5-0 in Finals.

A fortnight ago, the season for many West Coast teams commenced with the WCPPL’s (West Coast Paintball Players League’s) Beach City Classic. The tournament was held on the Marine Base in Camp Pendleton, California. After a long off season and without further adieu the long awaited event kicked off with spectacular fashion.  66 teams competed over the weekend for glory, fame, and cash prizes of $23,000 dollars between 4 divisions.


There were many solid teams in Division 2, the top and premier division of the WCPPL. San Jose Royalty, Shooting Blanks, 406’s Finest, Los Angeles Platinum, Northside Empire, and Los Angeles Collision. Northside Empire definitely a strong team seemed to struggle to get a win but did have a close one against 406’s Finest with a final score of 3-5. No team would make it out of prelims unscathed, Los Angeles Platinum would drop their only match to 406’s Finest as well a 2-2 tie. The Classic’s Champions Los Angeles Collision would also end up dropping a preliminary match to Los Angeles Platinum 2-5. San Jose Royalty and Shooting Blanks both with a win and a tie would not make it our of prelims. Los Angeles Platinum would secure a buy into Finals with their 3 wins and 1 tie record. Los Angles Collision and 406’s Finest faced off is an incredibly close semi finals match that would end with a Collision win 5-4. With momentum coming off the hard fought semi finals win and the bitter sweet loss suffered by Collision in the preliminary rounds. Los Angeles Platinum just did not have an answer to what Collision was putting together and put that tournament in the books with a 5-0 win by Los Angles Collision.

12792182_1763482693871972_9117129405356623931_oDivision 3 was cut throat with 16 teams rocking out to claim the prize. With lots of powerhouse teams heading to Camp Pendleton from top level organizations Sacramento DMG, San Diego Pirates, LA Platinum, AZ Elite, and San Jose Royalty. After a grueling preliminary round, only a few would make it through to Quarter finals. Cartel Kids would defeat LA Boom 4-2. NBK would come through with a win against Raw Material 3-2. SD Pirates would move on as well, finishing LA Defiance’s run 4-1. Classic would take on Capital Edge DMG Black 4-3. In the end it would be NBK vs Classic which would end with a very close score of 4-3.

Division 4 saw 31 teams fighting out for supremacy of the west. This division was also gifted with plenty of strong 10712446_10153746726287025_6600027399542888169_oteams from all over. The lucky and hard pressed few who made it out of this division’s prelims and the first round of final eliminations were: San Diego Techno Kitty, Northmen, SA Notorious FSU Crew, Los Angeles Platinum Grey, Nor Cal Kings, Nor Cal Hustle, Nor Cal Disruption, and AZ Elite. These teams would play each other to see who would move onto the semi finals. Of these teams it would be Nor Cal Hustle who would move on to the finals defeating San Diego Techno Kitty 3-2, and Nor Cal Kings beating SA Notorious FSU Crew 3-1. At the end of the day the Nor Cal Kings would outwork Nor Cal Hustle to seal the victory 3-2.

701914_10153748279927025_8846358412150843472_oDivision 5 which had 11 teams testing the waters of the highest level of west coast tournament paintball. Finding what they are made of as they took on each other at the Beach City Classic. Arizona Bandits had a strong showing getting two team out of the preliminaries and into the quarter finals. Los Angeles Platinum White and San Diego  Renegades would also move onto the quarter finals. Both Arizona teams would move on however, to play Maui Mixed Plate and the Immortals who had also made the cut out of prelims and earned a buy going straight into semi finals. Well rested both Mixed Plate and Immortals would both deliver AZ Bandits each their loss and would move on to play each other in the finals. The Division 5 finals match would see Maui Mixed Plate tower victorious over the Immortals 3-0.



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