Lexxi “Cheshire Lexxi” Koster and the Orange County Titans

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September 23, 2015
Hey Lexxi, how’s everything going?
Well good afternoon to you my good sir. Everything is going really well. Absolutely nothing to complain about. Warm sun, great people, and some good ole’ cali vibes 🙂
How’s the season going so far?
I have to say this has been the most fun and rewarding season of paintball I’ve experienced thus far! I was fortunate enough to find such an incredibly talented and welcoming team I now call my family. We all have such a positive yet competitive attitude about paintball. Playing Open Class with the OC Titans helped me improve so much faster than I would have hoped. Playing against such talented and incredible competition motivated me to be better and better. This was also the most tournaments I have played in a season as well, and there is no better practice than tournaments!
How was getting to play internationally in Cancun for an AFPL event?
Cancun AFPL was beyond anything I can explain. It was like a small taste of how paintball used to be in it’s glory days. The players, the competition, fans of paintball everywhere, every team had their own pit with their own cooler, water, gatorades, fruit. There were interviews and TV stations filming and conducting individual interviews. Every day was another adventure, another discovery, another incredibly rad memory made! I am just so thankful I had the privilege of experiencing it.

What are some of your favorite moments from the season?
Oh man, favorite moments… There are so many from this season. Like every time I successfully hit the REDZONE buzzer! Any moment in Cancun was my favorite! I freaking loved finishing out games with Piney. When the field is clear and I would see her running to hang the flag or calling to hang the flag, It just felt so gratifying. What made it that much better was to have our team cheering for us and being confident that we would win! This happened pretty often which made it even better. But my favorite moments have to be the 10 seconds at the gate, where the intensity builds up and you start feeling warm and all concentration goes to the task at hand, shooting fools, making moves, and winning.


What have you been working on throughout the year?
I’m always trying to improve in paintball. Since it is a mental as well as physical sport, I’ve worked on both. This year I worked on my speed, quick bursts for my bumps, having more field awareness, and just about everything else. I would do it over and over until my form would be perfect and then I would practice it perfectly 10 times more because perfect practice makes perfect.
What events do you have lined up for the rest of the season?
So far I have a couple more AFPL events and the West Coast Women Tournament. Since the season is coming to an end I’m trying to play everything I can. Which is usually how I line up my events… Is it possible? Yes? I’m playing.11780019_884204778301983_8756596736192827397_o

What are you trying to do to prepare for those events?

I practice just about every weekend, if not twice. Outside of the field I drill and work out almost every day. Whether it be diving/ slides, cardio, my endurance, weight training; I try to gear my workouts to enhance my paintball skills. CAUSE PAINTBALL IS FREAKING RAD! YO!

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