Lewis Lawson and RAW FOTOS

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November 11, 2015

600002_3033104445761_25751170_nHey Lewis, how’s it going?
Just another day in paradise. Just been cramming all of my editing into these last couple of days before I fly to Las Vegas for the WCPPL Finale. I’m pretty excited to capture photos of the competition coming out this weekend.

How long have you been a photographer?

Well I never got the chance to take photography in middle school or high school because they only allowed a select few to enroll, but I’ve been shooting for about 4 years now.

When did you start RAW Fotos?
I started Raw Fotos back when I was 17, in the prime of my couch surfing days. I was living with the Russel brothers, carpooling to the local fields here in San Diego. One day Kelly let me borrow his camera and I fell in love.  Fresh out of high school, working some crappy job, and I was able to save a couple hundred dollars and buy a camera.

After heading to the field a couple times I decided to create Raw Fotos on my 18th birthday. I didn’t ever think it would take me this far. I started taking pictures because I no longer could afford to play, and now I’m at the field every weekend when I’m not working.

What inspires you to go out and take pictures?12189206_964448453621354_6284336837549519291_o
I’ve always been inspired by pro players and even better photographers than myself. I’ve been playing paintball for 11+ years and one thing I’ve learned is to never be afraid of rolling with the big dogs. I’ve never been scared to play against pros. I loved when dudes like Mike of Chrono300 would post some of the best pics the game had to offer, even if I didn’t play the event.

When I picked up a camera, I was intimidated by the competition. But at the end of the day that just fueled me to become better. There’s been times when I have thought about just stopping, but the look on the player’s face after you snapped the coolest picture of them is the most rewarding part.
This season has been rocky. Trying to get time off from work has always been a struggle. But I try to make every second worth it when I make it out to an event. I’ve met a lot of new people and taken some of the best pictures I’ve ever taken. I’ve started a collaboration with Tyler Howard, Eljay Pena & Thane Lucas Bivs. Bringing fresh work from a wide range of mediums. From paintball, surf, the local scene and even our own families.
So with that being said, it’s been a successful year for sure.
12194735_964445220288344_1696863983971341675_oWhat do you have planned next?
As for what I have planned next, I can’t tell you everything but just know I’m reaching to people outside of California to bring coverage to their events. Never sleep on Raw Fotos.

Shoutout to all the local ballers in SD. Kelly Russel for helping me start this. All of my boys who have helped me with graphics like Eljay & Armani. Shoutout to photographers like Stretch of 1904Photography, Chrono300, Katspix, MotherF’in Mike, Brad B, Matt D, for the inspiration. Thank you John from AFPL

Also shoutout to you people who don’t crop my logos on Facebook and Instagram. Shoutout to those leagues who let me shoot at their league for free. For those who do charge, well that’s just some sucker shit.
I just want to say thank you to those who have ever been a fan of Raw Fotos. Whether we have ever spoken or not, I’m glad you appreciate these photos. I speak for myself when I say I wouldn’t be taking pictures if people didn’t enjoy them as much as I do.


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