Kileigh “Pineapple” Shilling West Coast Women’s, Destiny, Orange County Titans, and the AFPL

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November 4, 2015

10463845_916827518373042_4738448966566097454_oHey Piney, how’s everything?
Everything is going well. We’re settling down from World Cup, but still buzzing from the excitement of it.

What have you been up to lately?
This past week, a band called GutterLife stayed at my house while they’re between tours. Which is so cool. How many 17 year-olds do you know that have bands stay at their house. It is Unreal

What’s new?
Not too much. Been working on my high school diploma in hopes to graduate early- you know, so I have more time for paintball next season!

So what events do you have coming up?
I have the West Coast Women’s tournament. WCW is an all female paintball event coming up, and it is a 3-WOMEN event. I last played this event in 2013, back when it started, and it was my first speedball tournament. I love this event because it brings the women in paintball together to play some gnarly paintball. There’s always some crazy shenanigans, going on, and it really helps to grow the sport. The next day, or maybe the same day, and I’m not entirely sure, but I’m playing in AFPL’s 3-man Redzone event. We have rostered my dad AKA The Podfather, myself,  my boyfriend Devin Soria, and Richard Hernandez. Oh I LOVE REDZONE and I CANNOT wait to play their new 3-man format.

What have you been doing to get ready for those?
I take slow and regular walks to my fridge. Just kidding, I drill regularly, not only at the field, but also at my house. I occasionally go for runs, but they usually end with me at my fridge.

Tell us about the PodFather?

THE PODFATHER! What would you like to know other than my dad’s a badass and cooler than your dad? I think that covers it. I love my dad. He’s the real MVP.

Tell us about the Orange County Titans?

The OC Titans are a group of rad friends/people who love playing paintball just for the fun of it! We don’t get discouraged if we lose, we just keep putting forth our A-game, laugh at our teammate doing something stupid, probably eat some Mexican food, and play a ukulele. That’s the OC Titans.

What’s the AFPL and Red Zone?
The AFPL is the Almost Famous Paintball League. We’re almost famous- we’re the cool kids- we’re the rebels of paintball. We don’t want to keep playing the same exact tournament format every single week, so John Arquilla brought REDZONE back. What a legend. REDZONE is the coolest tournament paintball format there is. Swear. REDZONE keeps you on your feet constantly. There’s a buzzer, placed in between the 50 snake and the 50 X. The object of the game isn’t exactly elimination. You have to hit the buzzer to win. Every clean buzzer hit awards your team with 2-Points, but that’s not all. When one of your teammates hits the buzzer clean, and you’re in the dead box cause you just got shot, you my friend, can come back in during the REDZONE countdown. So in REDZONE, you also get to have a sideline coach who gets his/her own handheld buzzer to hit when his/her team only has 1 player left on the field. If you concede the point, the other team gets 1-Point from you conceding. REDZONE was a crazy concept that I’ve fallen in love with. Thank you AFPL!

1040196_449607628547776_6674586379060823716_oHow was Living Legends?
Dude.. Duuuuuuude!!! LIVING LEGENDS AT CPX SPORTS WAS INSANE! I was a medic because I got my slingshot taken away 7 seconds before the start of first battle. So I was just sprinting around the woods keeping my team alive. Seriously, the amount of fun a person can have while crawling in some mud and getting shot at without you having a weapon is unreal. Everyone told me that I wouldn’t hit the slapstick during final battle either, SO I HIT THE MIDDLE ONE 4 TIMES!! No doubt the biggest rush is when you’re running over that hill and suddenly see 1,000+ players staring back at you. REDZONE prepared me for that moment. Everyone should play a scenario at least once and see how many shenanigans you can pull off. You know, live a little.

11357160_893331204066413_7079692199132948876_oWhat are your plans this off season?
My plans for this off season is to get my hips well rested and strong. I have arthritis in both sides of my hips already and I’m really looking forward to this offseason to strengthen my weaknesses.

Shoutout to my Dad, Kevin Shilling, for truly being the greatest parent a kid could really ask for. You’re always going above and beyond for me, and I could never truly say thank you enough dad.

Shoutout to Destiny paintball for encouraging females to play paintball.

Shoutout to AFPL for all they do for the local scene in California.

Shoutout to Paintball Revolution in Valencia,CA for always keeping my gear and gun working like a dream.

Shoutout to West Coast Meditation for not only having awesome shirts and tanks, but for providing the paintball/sports community with articles for us to obsess over.

Thank you all!!

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