Juan Carlos Silva-Perez and YourPBFriend.com

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September 22, 2015



Hey Juan how’s everything going?
Everything is going great. Just started a new job with Primerica.

What have you been up to lately?
I’ve actually missed out on a lot of paintball these past weeks, due to a new car and no extra money. But ready to get back into conditioning. 

How’s Yourpbfriend.com doing?
Man, those guys are booming. Any time I go to the shop they are just SUPER busy. Makes me proud to play with/for a paintball proshop that shows the amount of effort they have in their business as they do on the field.

How’s the team doing so far this year?
Well for the most part we are doing well. We took our very first first place in the WCPPL division 5 race to 3. We trained very hard to get to that point. But as Dan always says to us it’s one thing to win first but a much harder thing to stay first.

What leagues are you guys competing in?
So far we’ve competed in: WCPPL, UPL, AFPL, R2D2, and the Davis pump series

What have you guys been working on throughout the season?
We have been working on a great number of things. Conditioning, drills, consistency and just being a family.

What’s up next for you guys?

The next thing to come is whatever we want to accomplish. We set our own boundaries and goals.

What’s it gonna take to win?
We’ve learned what it takes to win, it’s not luck it’s hard work and dedication. Nothing crazy 11892322_883636505058572_4059453304821302619_o (1)

What are the plans for next season?
Next seasons goals are to do better than we did this season. Accomplish our personal goals and strive to have a better program.

Big shout out to all my boys at Yourpbfriend.com at the shop and on the team. Without you our program wouldn’t be the way it is today.

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