Jordan Boyum and the Sacramento Supreme

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September 19, 2015
Hey Jordan, how’s everything?
 Hey Tim, everything’s great right now. Feeling honored to do this interview. 

What have you been up to lately?
 Over summer I bought a house in Sacramento, all on my own. I also transferred my job up here from the Bay Area, and I recently adopted a 4month old puppy. I guess you could say the dad life is in full effect, haha. Oh, and playing paintball religiously, but that is expected.

What are some things you’ve been working on?
 Now that I am a homeowner, I am always working on something. Paintball wise, I feel like I am constantly working on something whether it be individual skills, becoming a better team leader, or improving as a person on and off the field. There is plenty I can work on and get better at, that’s the beauty of competitive sports.

The team and myself are working with our home field Capital Edge Paintball Park and local businesses to bring a big scenario event to Northern California, something that I feel is missing up here. It will take lots of time and preparation because we want to do things right and put on a great show. Look out for updates on that on our instagram and facebook.

How’s Sacramento Supreme doing?
We are doing pretty good. Unfortunately, we just lost a couple players due to the fall semesters starting backup at the colleges. But school comes first, and we will continue on with the guys that can be there. Best of luck to Randeep, Spiegs, and Stephen. This team is like a family of brothers, it’s going to take a lot to bring us down. The focus and drive is still there. Probably more than ever.

How’s the year been so far?
This season has been very interesting, and a great testament to the future of our team and development of our players. We got 2nd place at PSP Dallas in an overtime match to PC Katana. Shortly after the event we lost one of our best players Daniel Nelan to the LA Ironmen. Then the PSP went away, and the rebirth of the NXL happened. So we played the inaugural event in Cleveland. The competition was tough in Division 2, and the format was awesome! On Sunday, we got a revenge match with PC Katana and sent them home in Ocho Finals but got beat in Quarters to a superior team, AAF, who went on to win that event. That match against AAF taught us so much about where we were as a team. We decided to skip out on Virginia Beach due to financial restraints and played the WCPPL Event at our home field Capital Edge. Once again, we took 2nd in another finals match that came down to one point. Final score 5-4. That is where we are at right now, back to the drawing board.


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What are some things you guys are focusing on right now going into the final stretch of the year?
FUNDAMENTALS. I truly believe that is what we are missing keeping us from gold medals. We need to improve our laning, consistency in our lane’s, first shot accuracy, disciplined gun fighting, and taking windows when they open for us. I feel like if we can show up and win breakouts from day 1 of the tournament and be precise with our fundamentals across the board. We are one of the best teams at the event when we execute our game plans. With no layout out to study and master right now, we are focusing on fundamentals so we are ready to play crisp, clean, methodical paintball.

What events do you guys have lined up next?
The NXL World Cup is in our sights. Entry is paid, flights, hotels, and rental cars are booked. Let’s go! We are extremely excited to compete against the best Division 2 teams in the country. Cup should wrap up our 2015 season.

 What were some of your favorite moments from the year?
I would have to say PSP Dallas by far. What a tournament. Came out, first event of the year, everyone is excited to play. The teams feeling each other out for the first time. It’s a great test to see if your hard work in the off season will pay off. Then on top of that, the weather was insane. Our field was a foot under water the whole tournament, but we fought hard every match, and things started to go our way for us on Sunday. Up until the finals that is, we received four majors and a minor, we were so disappointed in ourselves. Especially losing in overtime to a team we beat 5-0 earlier in the tournament. It was a tough loss for us, but we could only blame ourselves and grow from the experience. Being on that big of a stage was amazing, and we want to get there again and redeem ourselves. Regardless, a very memorable start to the season.
Who is playing really good for you guys right now?

Our team is very competitive in every position. When our front Dorito player, Jon Miller, is having a good tournament, he is a stud. His lack of experience can take over at times and get himself shot out, but he rebounds nicely and always keeps a level head. Which is so important for a front player. I have really enjoyed seeing his progression. Mike Sanders, a long time player, has probably been the biggest pickup this season. He is a great leader, has impressive work ethic, and truly loves the game. We can put him anywhere on the field and get production out of him. Honestly, we got a team full of warriors.. Devin, Mike Albertson, Mandeep, and myself are also pieces to the puzzle and we will call on everyone to be successful at Cup.


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We want to thank HK Army for the gear we use this season. It has held up through the worst weather and the heaviest use. A great company to be aligned with in paintball. Their support is amazing, thank you Steve Nabi. Capital Edge Paintball Park our home field, and the owner Dave Bains has been a huge supporter this season. Making sure we have quality paint to practice with every weekend and world class tournament fields. As well as his DMG organization for competitive scrimmages week in and week out to prepare us for all the tough teams we will face at events. Those guys over there are great players. Capitol City Paintball is our local store we can always rely on for anything we need paintball related. They are great at taking care of the paintball community. Thank you Tony and Rob Baker. And Tim, thank you for offering this opportunity to share a bit of our story.


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