Jonny Grier and the Los Angeles Wrecking Crew

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September 28, 2015

Martello Swasp

Sup Jonny, How’s everything?

Everything going good man. Just another day in Sin City.

What have you been up to lately?

Work,work,work. I’m a bar manager at a spot in downtown Las Vegas. When I’m not pouring drinks, I’m out there grinding in the 100 degree desert weather. Luckily for me the paintball field is a lot like its city. I get to play Wednesday through Friday nights before work, and then of course the Sunday grind.

What’s it like playing with LA Wrecking Crew?

Well it’s definitely not like playing for XSV with Rich Telford and Riley Sullivan. This team is a lot more relaxed, which was hard for me at first. I was used to the long weekends at Modesto, making sure we shot the whole pallet of paint before going home. But it was just like the old days. I played with 6 of the guys before, when we were Critical in NPPL Division 1. We took home a first place in HB and a 3rd in Chicago. So it was smooth transition into their program.


Martello Swasp

How’s the season going so far?
2015 season has been an odd season. With the fall of PSP, and the rise of NXL, There has been long gaps between events and not everyone has been able to commit 100% due to college and work. So out of the 10 years I’ve been competing in tournaments, this will be the year which I’ve attended the least. Starting at PSP Dallas (aka MUDBOWL), we squeaked into Sunday going 2-2 in prelims. Sunday in Dallas we got out of top 16 beating AZ Elite 4-2. Then off to top 8 against Freestyle. Where we just beat ourselves with penalty after penalty. We left Dallas with a 7th place finish. Then Virginia Beach Open was a mess before we got there. We couldn’t find a field in California with the NXL layout to practice on. So we just took our 7 best to the event and rolled the dice. I hate saying this and to point fingers but the refs had it out for us and were pulling shit out there you know. But that’s paintball and you gotta roll with the punches and Virginia concluded with us not making Sunday

How was Europe?
In July, we got a chance to play in London for the Millennium series. For me it wasn’t my first international event, I’ve played the 2013 season with Aggression from the Netherlands, and in 2014 I got to play the CXBL season with team Genesis from Toronto. But everyone else it was there first time playing overseas so it was a great team experience. To go over to a different country and see how they run things is always special. We got there a week early to check out the city and all the attractions. We got a good practice in with some SPL teams before the event. Prelims we went 4-0 with only losing 2 points. Going into Sunday was pretty much the same story as the previous couple days only dropping few points. We went 8-0 throughout the whole event and took home 1st place.

FAVA Photography

What have you been focusing on heading towards the last part of the season?
Since Virginia beach I have been just focusing on myself with fitness and basic fundamentals. Next event for me is World Cup Asia (WCA). Ill be playing with team Extioneers from Malaysia and team USA for nation cup. Unfortunately we will not be at PSP world cup, due to a situation out of our control, and I’m not a big fan on hoping on a random team for one event and bouncing. So during this off season i will be trying my hardest to get back on the top and be playing with the big boys again on center court.

What do you think the team has to do to come home with some big wins?
Communication. A lot of them depend on a coach to tell them where somebody is at. Some of them have never played 7man. So they don’t have that basic communication down, and they just wait for someone to tell them what to do like a robot.

Who has been playing really well for you guys?
Rob Baker, even though he’s the biggest nerd of them all. He can get the job done. I’ve been playing with and against rob for many years now, and I’ve noticed he stays calm in the pocket, and relays real well to both sides when no one else is talking. Rob and I play on the same side, so I rarely have to look over my shoulder to make sure I’m covered.
I would like to thank Richard and Martin Shafer. If it wasn’t for them none of this would of been possible. They work countless hours behind the scene getting everything together before all  practices and events. Also HK Army and Critical Paintball for their durable and stylish gear. Last but not least Planet Eclipse for the best paintball markers in the industry!
Thank you West Coast Meditation for reaching out to me for this interview.
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