John Kurzawa and the TMG Outlaws

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October 6, 2015

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Hey John, hows it going?
It is going very well Tim. Super focused right now on life, family, and, especially, paintball.

What have you been up to lately?
I just got back last week from TCCC combat casualty and pre-hospital trauma care at Camp Bullis, San Antonio, Texas. For those who don’t know, I am a dental officer for the U.S. Navy. Yes, a dentist. I know it’s weird, but I love what I do.  About two months ago, I moved from San Diego to Emerald Isle, NC. This was a huge change as I went from the mecca of paintball, Camp Pendleton. To  a place where paintball is almost non–existent. This was big pill to swallow, because I was spending 2-3 days per week training at Camp P with my boys, Brandon Cornell, Kevin Banks, Dan Norcross, Alex Gray, Jerry Caro, and all the boys from San Diego Pirates and Marine Team. This move was required for the military and on the upside, it did bring me closer to my paintball family, TMG Outlaws.  I would also like to mention that right before the move, my wife and I had our first child, Jackson. He is a great kid and I am very blessed to have a handsome and healthy child. So to put it simply, life has been very crazy and involved lately. Trying to balance my family, work, and passion of paintball has been challenging. However, I have continued to maintain my paintball/lifting regimen, just sleeping a little less nowadays.

How did you get into paintball?
Funny story, my dental school classmate had a groupon to the Siege Paintball Park in Milwaukee, WI in February 2013. I played that day and was hooked. I had never felt such a quick love and passion for a sport in my life. Weightlifting had been my “sport” up until that day when paintball instantly became my passion. I still lift and stay athletic, but my main focus now is paintball. After that day, I searched for the next paintball experience and that was competitive paintball. Brew City Paintball in Milwaukee, WI helped me establish a base to play competitive paintball by giving me an opportunity to play on a team. From there, I jumped straight to D3 PSP tournaments with Team College, after they saw me play at Brew City one weekend. It was during that time that I asked veteran player, Marc Hollers, to help coach/train me. He took me under his wing and became my mentor in paintball. Marc also introduced me to Cody Mickowski, another veteran player and pro player. With the combined help of these two, my brothers, I was able to develop under watchful eye and scrutiny. Which helped to prevent me from developing bad habits in my early stages of development in the sport. It was also at this time that they took me to an open tryout at the Paintball Plex in Fort Wayne, IN. After a good tryout, coach Jeremy Salm gave me an opportunity to play at a D1 level. I was floored. I had stars in my eyes, but I was also quite scared because I did not think I could match up to players like Fred Berkley, Tyler Osborn, Jordan Davidson, David Weinraub, John Crover, Cody Schlemmer, and Phil Schroeder. But what I did believe was that Salm and Mickowski knew what was best, even though I doubted myself. Their faith in me drove my passion and still drives me today. I owe everything I have in the paintball world to Hollers, Mickowski, and Salm. Each one has fostered my paintball person and I am so very grateful for each of them.  As things unfolded, I ended up playing on the feeder team for the then-D1 TMG guys. I have continued to push and I am hungry for the time that I am ready to play pro with/alongside my brothers. Only time will tell, but regardless I love this sport and can’t wait for the future.

How’s the season going so far?
It has been great so far. I really love the NXL style. In addition, every national event we have played we have made it to Sunday. The highlight of the season by far was going up north for the 3 event CXBL series and winning! In addition, winning WCCPL with the San Diego Pirates D2 and taking second in the inaugural Cleveland NXL event D2 with TMG.

What have you been working on?
My gun skills are something I work on, on a daily basis, along with maintaining my lifting routine – lifting equates to better gun skills because a lot of it is endurance. I was also fortunate enough to secure a ¾ acre yard in NC, which I would have never had in SD, to be able to drill at my house. So this has made drilling more convenient. Repetition, repetition, repetition is my goal – getting that muscle memory on point.

How’s Trade My Gun Outlaws doing?
As an organization, we are doing excellent. Our teams are doing what is necessary to win, even if winning is not always the end outcome. We are building up our lower divisional teams and our pro squad is constantly improving and is hungry to get back on the winning train. Not only that, but our family continues to grow. Not only in numbers, but in strength. Our bonds as teammates grow every event, top to bottom in the organization. We are a tight knit group built on respect, compassion, and drive. Trademygun is a great home and with an owner like Mike Schlemmer, players should want to know how they could get involved in a camp like ours. TMG is special and it is an honor to wear the name.

What has the team been working on?
1. Playing paintball to the highest level possible. 2. Pushing each other to improve. 3. Supporting each other to succeed.

What are some of your favorite moments from the season?
Personally, it was the aforementioned events – CXBL, WCCPL and NXL Cleveland. Collectively, it has been amazing to see all of our camp grow and develop into a strong and competitive camp, not that we haven’t been in the past, but coming up in the divisionals to pro. Also, it is just as important, to have our divisional teams doing well. It has been a great thing to watch and be involved.

What’s the team doing to get ready for World Cup?
Sorry for being redundant: 1. Playing paintball to the highest level possible. 2. Pushing each other to improve. 3. Supporting each other to succeed. Simple recipe.

What’s it gonna take for an Outlaw World Cup win?
Believing in each other. Believing in the plan. Knowing each person will produce. Knowing the plan will produce success. And grinding till the sun goes down until that fateful weekend when we can step up to the battlefield and conquer our opponent.

Special thanks to:
Mike Schlemmer, owner TrademyGun Outlaws – Thank you for everything that you do to help us get to where we want to be. Without your support we would not and could not do what we do!
All our sponsors – TrademyGun, GI sportz, Dye R2, Violent products – without you guys, again, could not do what we do.
Marc Hollers – Thank you for always being there to coach and mentor me even from long distances!
Rick “Biggie” Gulczynski – Thank you for being my sparring partner when you could and for being a great friend!
Dave Chong – Thank you for being a new supporter! Wanna make you proud!

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