John Arquilla, the AFPL, Havoc, Chaos, and the West Coast Women’s Tournament

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September 18, 2015


11128834_841528045902990_7755865392963439379_oHey John, the Cen Cal Havoc event in Lemore is coming up, How’s everything going?
It’s shaping up to be an awesome event. We have the Fresno State team joining the party with 2 teams — one of which will be playing AFPL REDZONE.

What have you been up to lately?
We are are already planning for next year, setting up Affiliate AFPL REDZONE leagues and we’ll be totally re-structuring the Walking Chaos and Havoc Series for 2016.
What are some of the things you think your League does that makes it a unique experience? 11780029_884205851635209_1072543634319459374_o
The AFPL is the rock show of paintball. We spent a greater part of our lives attending or participating in rock, punk, and ska shows so it was only natural that this would carry over to the AFPL, where music is a critical component. It hypes up the players, the spectators, even the refs. It’s that feeling of 4000 watts of music pumping that brings out the fight in players. It’s awesome. But that’s not all that sets us apart. From the inception of the AFPL, media has been a huge component of this operation. Our mission has always been to grow paintball and we know that the most effective way to do that is to get people’s eyes on the sport through tons of photos and video. But the true beneficiaries of our media are the players who play our tournaments and, win or lose, walk away with at least one full match video and pro photos at no extra charge.

What field is the Cen Cal Havoc event going to be at?
Our final Havoc event of the year will be at Air Warriors in Lemoore, CA. This is our favorite stop every year. The town is awesome, the people are super cool, and the field is top rate — from its incredible grass to the beautiful grounds. It’s like the Field of Dreams of paintball parks.

What teams are looking good going into the Havoc event?
All of them! This has been the most competitive year yet for Havoc, especially for D5. I can’t wait to see the top 3 teams (PBR Apocalypse, Bay Area Bad Company, and OC Titans 2) battle it out for the D5 Series championship.

What are some of your favorite moments from the previous AFPL events?
#1 Taking a selfie with J-Dub after our first day of the Cancun Event.
#2 Watching the 1st AFPL REDZONE Match and the reaction of the spectators.
#3 Any time I could take a breath to actually watch the matches from the tower.

What are the next few stops for the League?
After Havoc, we have a few events at our home field, Camp Pendleton Paintball Park in Oceanside, CA.
Walking Chaos Finale October 24-25
AFPL/West Coast Women’s 3man event November 14
AFPL7’s 7man X-BALL November 22

What are a few of the things you are looking forward to next year?
No rest for the weary! Here’s a small sampling of what we’ve got planned for 2016:
  1. Working on doing a joint 2016 Finale event in Vegas — Chaos Ball (Socal) vs. Havoc (Norcal)
  2. AFPL3’s — our standalone 3man Series featuring REDZONE3 (3man REDZONE)
  3. Launching a few AFPL REDZONE affiliate leagues
  4. Launching AFPL Tactical
  5. Maybe another International event…


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