Ian Sternberger and SCP Royalty

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September 30, 2015


Hey Ian, hows everything?
Hey there Tim. Things are good. Life is full of ups and downs, right meow things are up.

What have you been up to?
All I’ve been doing this year is twisting wrenches, trying to be a good dad and involved in my daughter’s life, and paintball, paintball,paintball.

How long have you been playing for?

I’ve been playing as long as I can remember. I love to play its my favorite thing to do. But you mean paintball specifically. With paintball, I first started playing back when I was 15 (1994). Out in the woods in Washington State at Semper-fi paintball. I had been reading paintball magazines and really wanted to try it. My uncle heard me talking paintball and told me he used to play. He gave me a bunch of his old gear. A Nelson clone pump gun, a decent gun. But I was up against phantoms, auto mags, and autocockers. I quickly gravitated towards the best players there. Learning to play against them really helped my early paintball experience.

What leagues are you guys playing in?

This season I’ve played in a couple leagues, mostly the WCPPL and the AFPL. Both are  great leagues to play in, so it’s been a fun year. I walked away from paintball at the end of the 2014 season frustrated with all of it. Thankfully Lexxi asked me to play with the titans at the AFPL’s first Havoc event, which reminded me how fun paintball is. 11866382_10203479203494521_3186899795540635151_n

What teams have you played on?
I played the AFPL first event with the Orange County Titans, and was welcomed back by Royalty for 2015. In years past I’ve played on several teams from here Northern California and Washington. ESP (eat sleep paintball), Synergy, Pacific Havoc, Disposable Heroes, Mythic Games just to name a few. I’ve guested here and there for others as well. For now though, I’m sticking with Royalty and the Titans when I can. I love these teams.

How’s Royalty’s season going?

Royalty is having a good season. We have really gelled so much more this year. We’ve become very close, and have built strong bonds of trust and reliability. We jumped in to AFPL Cen Cal Havoc for their 2nd Event and rocked it, so we had to keep coming back. We went 3 For 3 with wins at all the events and took the series title. We’ve had a decent season in Wcppl as well. No 1st place but some podiums and a shot at winning the series title their as well. We’ll see.

What have you guys been working on this year?
I think this year we have been mainly focused on communication. We all always work on our individual skills, but we have been really improving our in game communication. Both verbal and nonverbal. Meaning reacting to each other and working together.

11000709_871208152934979_2259008286835247673_oWho is playing well for you guys?
I feel like we are all doing well this season. Steve Stedman has been a great motivator. Luis DeAliva brings some great gun skills, but more so makes us all feel like brothers. Zach Robert has been on fire all season. Adam Cohn jumped in and is a great fit for us. Brad Martinez has been a great captain this year. All our guys are having a good season really.

How do you guys like AFPL Redzone?

Man, I’ll tell you what. REDZONE is so much fun. I watched it at the fist Havoc event this year and thought; wow that looks fun, that’s my kind of paintball. John Arquilla asked me to get a team in for the next Havoc event in Lemore, California and I grabbed a few guys that were interested. We went to our first Redzone with 6 guys, and no coach, and with no experience in Redzone. My guys asked “How do we play this?” I said “Be fast and hit the buzzer!”. That’s what we did and its worked, 3 times. Every time I’ve brought new guys to the AFPL to play Redzone they’ve loved it. Having so much media coverage at the AFPL is awesome. Tons of great photos and videos. I love to re-watch our matches. I hope to see some more teams try Redzone, it’s a blast.

I just want to thank:

Brian Lee for jumping in as coach for us. He’s done a great job.

My O.C. Titans family, love you all.

Aaron Smith (Midway Paintball Facility) always fun battles and a real stand up man.

YourPbfriend, thanks for all your help guys.

All my Royalty family, been a good year w you all.

Dye paintball/precision for hooking us up w the best gear in the industry.

And to all the players out there growing the sport.

Special shout to Lexxi, it’s her fault I’m even playing this year. Thanks so much for pulling me back in. Paintball is my passion and I almost quit.

Thanks Tim and shout out to you and West Coast Meditation. Grow the sport. And remember, goldfish don’t like jell-o.


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