Greg Siewers and the Houston Heat

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September 24, 2015


Arnaud Serafin Paintball Photography

Hey Greg, How’s everything going?
Everything is great! We just came home from a big Millennium event and series title win.

What have you been up to lately?
I have really been working on expanding my personal training company, Mixed Athletic Performance Training. I just finished building a public gym in my garage and launched my online training program website ( I’ve also teamed up with the supplement company, 1st Phorm, in trying to reconstruct the fitness industry from the vein thing it is now to a “for everyone” structure. It’s been a mission, but if I wasn’t busy with all that, I would probably start to go a little crazy.

How’s Houston Heat doing?
Houston Heat is great! We have really started coming together as a team. It always looks great on paper, but bringing together so many experienced players can be difficult. Everyone is really opinionated and usually have valid reasons behind their opinions. I think we are finally figuring out where everyone fits in as a player and a leader.

what have you guys been up to lately?
As heat? PAINTBALL! We play mind blowing amounts of paintball. We fly to Houston a week early before every event and play nearly every day. Other than that we have a had a few chances to travel together this year. A few of us flew to Dublin, Ireland together this year and took some time do a little exploring. It always helps to have a chance to experience something besides paintball with your teammates. You’ll always play better if you have friends that you play with, rather than just teammates

How are you feeling after Virginia Beach?
Virginia Beach was a huge upset for us, obviously, but we aren’t broken from it. You can’t let yourself dwell on your mistakes. You just have to take ownership, learn and move on. I think what we took away from Virginia Beach is that no one is invincible. There are no easy games in the professional division these days. You have to be on your game, every game, no excuses. So, as a team we are putting the event behind us and moving forward more determined to prove ourselves as a winning team.

What has been your main focus going into some of these last few events and practices leading up to World Cup?
As far as mentality goes leading into World Cup, nothing changes. We are full force all year long, drilling, practicing and working as hard as we can. World Cup only puts in your mind that this is your last chance to prove yourself for the year. World Cup is funny like that. No matter what kind of year you’ve had, no one remembers if you win the World Cup. We know there is always more pressure to win at World Cup, but all we can do is stay on track to the very end.

What do you think the team is going to need to do to pull out a World Cup win?
The World Cup is definitely the hardest event to win. We know that everyone is laying themselves out trying to prepare and everyone is more motivated than ever. We just need to stay humble. After our big European win, sometimes teams can get back that feeling of invincibility. Luckily, I think the memory of Virginia Beach will keep us on track. As long as we stay humble going into the event, everyone will do their jobs and we will win.
Who are you looking forward to playing at World Cup?
I don’t like to give any teams the justification of saying I’m looking forward to playing them. I keep the mentality that everyone’s the same. We scout them, we go out to win and try to set the game to our tempo. I honestly don’t even know our draw for the event. I go out of my way not to pay too much attention to anything outside of my job for the team.

What are a few moments from the season that you’ve really enjoyed?
I guess the most memorable moments are from this last Millennium event. The series title came down to our semi-finals match against Impact. Whoever went to the finals, won the series. The game was back and forth the entire game and my adrenaline was off the charts. Aside from that game, everything from the year starts to blur together. I’ve loved every second of it!
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