Five-Star Series: Northeast Masters at O.X.C.C.

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September 8, 2016


By: Grant Hogge- East Coast Content Staff Writer


The Northeast Masters, a venerable East Coast showdown between two regional leagues. The Eastern Paintball league and the Global Paintball League teamed up to bring you the 5 Star Series. By blending 2 leagues, 4 conferences and teams from 8 states. This tournament is used as preparation by many for EPL East Coast Cup and eventually NXL World Cup.


This tournament, held over the course of two days pits the 3-man teams from d6 to d4 against each other on the first day, and reserves 5-man format for Sunday. Over 20 Five-Man teams showed up and 16 three-man teams, many of which play both formats.


Coming out of the prelims, the top 2 teams in the D4 three-man division were “Gam Gams Hit Squad” and the “Bamos Bombers” with a perfect bracket. The top two seeds seemed content on continuing their battle for first. “Bamos Bombers” took first, “Gam Gams Hit Squad” took second and “Elite 3M” took third place.


D5 five-man was a bit closer compared to the three-man brackets. “Driven II” held off its competition as top seed into semi-finals followed very closely by “New York Tyrants”, “Apocalypse Rising Black”, and finally “Delusion” who were all tied at 6 points. The finals resulted in “Driven II” taking gold, “New York Tyrants” with silver and “Delusion” with Bronze.


The D6 three-man prelims resulted in a clear front-runner of “HBArmy GREY” followed by “Sofa Kingdom GREEN”. After clearing the semi-finals these two teams continued the search for gold. In the finals, a resilient “Sofa Kingdom GREEN” held off the perfect “HBArmy GREY” to secure first place. “Black Lotus” took third place.


The real stars of each leagues were battling in this division 4 five-man to find out who will be the multi-conference champion. The prelims ended with a very fluid looking “East Coast Regulators”, followed by the ever dominant “Black Flag” nipping at the heels. The third and fourth seed placed “Leverage” and “TopGun Carls Commandos Red”. All four of these teams hailed from the Eastern Paintball League and were constant contenders for finals this season. Unlike the other brackets, this bracket resulted in Ocho-Finals to further test the grit of these teams. After some grinding, the finals placed “Apocalypse Rising White” who was a 7th seed against “Black Flag”, and “East Coast Regulators” against “Hood”.  The “East Coast Regulators” ended with Third-Place, “Black Flag” took 2nd and that placed “Apocalypse Rising White” at the top with a 1st place at the Northeast Masters.


In less than a month teams from all over the East Coast will battle it out in hopes to gain free entry into NXL World Cup. The tournament takes place on 9/24-9/25 and will host teams from South Carolina to New York at Outdoor Extreme Chesapeake City in Maryland. Stay tuned for more recaps and features. As always help solve the hate equation, spread some West Coast Meditation.



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