The 2nd event of the Eastern Paintball League’s highlight video was just released a few days ago by WestPoynt. Produced by Jackson West and Jesse Brunk, it is a must see and you have to check it out. The Butler Cup was held in New Jersey a few weeks ago and saw an array of East Coast Teams compete in Division 4 and 5 (5 man) and Division 4/5 and 6 (3man).

Butler Memorial Cup 2016
Winners Circle

Division 4
1st- East Coast Regulators
2nd – Leverage
3rd – Eminent Paintball Factory


Division 5
1st – Tempo
2nd – Practice Squad
3rd – Apocalypse Rising


Division 4/5
1st – Sofa Kingdom
2nd – Philly Xtreme Kids
3rd – Top Gun Carl’s Commands LDS


Division 6
1st – PennDragons
2nd – Bone Crushers
3rd – Apocalypse Rising