and the Benevolent Gift

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September 12, 2015

Lo and behold all who have achieved greatness, as if finding Solomons tomb and sharing its wealth with the world has just released all of their material for download.
Capture2 Make sure to check out your favorites from Bunker Insurance to Free Agent, all of the goodies are here now for your viewing pleasure. Check out and max out your hardrive, because the paintball history channel pretty much just released their master disk set to download FOR FREE!!!!!!! I don’t think anyone could have wished for a greater gift this year than the one Derder just gave the world. Need to show your friend a paintball video, no problem. Want to to catch up on the last 10-14 years of paintball, no problem. Want to have an endless encyclopedia of all things derder at your fingertips, no problem.  Because Derder solved those problems for you. So clear those schedules, and get ready for epic paintball marathon sessions. Now, all we need is for these to get on HULU and Netflix to jump on this and we are super golden.

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