Corey Hall and the San Diego Pirates

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September 16, 2015




Hey Corey, How’ve you been man?
Really good man, glad to finally be living in California that’s for sure.

What have you been up to lately?
Just working and playing paintball really. Since we just moved here from Arizona money is a little tight so most of my money goes to paintball and bills.

11222833_900508873348646_4949896850845868142_oHow’s the season going for you and the San Diego Pirates?
This season is going really well for us, which we definitely needed. We started the season off poorly with a horrible showing at the first WCPPL event in Vegas where we lost 3 and tied 1. Since then we have won the last 2 WCPPL events back to back and we are excited to start getting ready for the last event.11709829_906774679388732_8591701068606680893_o

How long have you been a part of the team?
This is my third year playing with the SD Pirates.

 What are some of your favorite memories with the team?
There’s been a lot of shenanigans and good times when we travel but it has to be winning these last 2 WCPPL events. The past 2 seasons before this were pretty rough for the Pirate organization so it’s been amazing to finally win with these guys. I think this season we’ve really found our chemistry on and off the field and our play shows that.

 What are some things you guys have been working on?
We’ve really been doing a lot of drills leading up to the events and taking the time to learn every inch of the field once the layout comes out. We’re very fortunate to have our own field to play on at The Paintball Park in Camp Pendleton so we can spend as much time as we need figuring things out.11891894_934271763305690_8776026744631943687_o

What are the plans for the rest of the year?
We will be ending the year out with the last WCPPL Finale event in Vegas. As long as we redeem ourselves from the first Vegas event and continue to play how we’ve been playing, I think we have a really good shot at doing well this event and hopefully taking home the series title.

A big THANK YOU to our sponsors HK, Shocker, The Paintball Park at Camp Pendleton, and everyone who has supported the SD Pirate organization.  We wouldn’t be where we are now without you.

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