Corey Field and The Seattle Thunder

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September 15, 2015


How’s everything going?
Everything is going good. The end of the year of tournament paintball is always a tough and stressful time of the year for someone like me. Fantasy Football is going to be tough this year!

What have you been up to lately?

Been a very hectic month believe it or not. Trying to transition from being a Dish Network Manager for 6 years to a new profession, while juggling professional paintball, as well as trying my hardest to make sure our local field and team Owner Audrey Whiddon is all prepped for our 5th annual zombie shoot. Without our field, Diamond Hill Paintball, and Audrey, Seattle Thunder would not be here. So when I can, I am there helping any way I can.

How’s Seattle Thunder doing?

 Seattle Thunder is doing great. Practicing each weekend rain or shine, Getting ready for world cup here in 1 month. The team left Virginia hungry for more after all those very, very close matches we ended up losing.



What are you and the team focused on going into World Cup?

My coach, and player Mikey Lew is getting us ready the best he can with what we have. We do not have the big budgets like some teams that allow us to travel and practice other high powered professional teams. So Mikey does our training a little different. We are focusing a lot on our gun skills, and those low body situations. Focusing on just these 2 items will help us win those close games that we are very capable of wining. Communication as well, Mikey makes us talk each and every time to make us all comfortable in just talking, no matter what the situation is, and no matter how many people we have left alive.

What’s really motivating you as a team coming into the last stretch of the year?
Ourselves and our supporters. Mikey Lew does an outstanding job as a team mentor and motivator. He picks us all up each and every week at practice. This team is our second family while away. We love playing paintball, and love having fun playing this beautiful sport. Our supporters motivate us each and every day. It is so heart warming seeing young kids sign up for the Seattle Thunder youth program, as well as seeing people buying jerseys, shirts and sweatshirts to help support our team. We love our fans

Who is playing hot for Seattle right now?

Man, that is a tough one. I would have to say Mapp Chhim, Brandon Morales, and Adam Gomez coming out of Virginia are the guys playing very well for us as a team. I was very impressed with all of my team, but those 3 guys have stood out.

What do you think its gonna take to bring that World Cup Win home?

10272556_670911332976307_120743377579999915_oMikey Lew, and our secret formation… The INVERTED Flying V :). Naw, in all seriousness. Myself, Mikey, Audrey, and the rest of Seattle Thunder really want to win. But we know we need to focus on each match at a time. To win World Cup individuals need to step up out of their comfort zones for sure, and teams need to come together and play smash mouth paintball each and every point. Guys condition all year for this event, to hoist the cup over the heads. Seattle Thunder will be fighting each and every point for that chance!

I would like to give a shout out to all our sponsors that make this dream happen for each and everyone of us on Seattle Thunder. Each and all of our sponsors are the BEST in the business of paintball. Thank you to GI SPORTZ, DLX/SP, VIRTUE PAINTBALL, EXALT DEVELOPMENTS, RAZA DESIGN, DIAMOND HILL PAINTBALL and CONTRACT KILLERS.
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