Brad McCurley and Los Angeles Infamous

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December 9, 2015

Hey Brad, how’s everything going? 
Hey Tim, everything is good man. I’ve been super busy lately with the launching of the 2016 Empire All In and GI Imperial Sponsorship Programs. I’ll be a busy man this coming season managing both sides to the two most encompassing sponsorship programs in paintball. But I really can’t complain working in what I love to do.


Going into the 2015 season, where was your mind at and what were you  focused on? How was the team looking going into the year?
Going into 2015, our mindset was winning the series. We felt we really had the squad to do it. We’ve always been deep, but we felt this was the most versatile we had been in a while. The practices going into the season just felt right. Everyone was on the same page and the new guys were gelling really well. Our confidence level and expectations were extremely high heading into Dallas and I think that really showed at that first event.


How did the season play out?
The season started exactly how we planned, winning Dallas. Then all the league drama managed to take the wind out of our sails. Sure we had momentum going into Cleveland coming off a win, but everything was different  with the rebirth of the NXL.

We put ourselves in good positions to go deep into Sunday both in Cleveland and Virginia Beach but managed to beat ourselves with silly penalties. Bad calls or not, we put ourselves in those spots and paid the price for it.


What were some of your favorite moments from the year?
The highlight of the 2015 season was winning back to back opening shit show events in the mud in Dallas. This time for our brother and teammate Jerry Desvarieux.(A fundraiser going on this weekend for Jerry)


Going into World Cup how was the team feeling? What were you working on going into Cup?
With a team as deep and talented as ours, it’s hard not to go in feeling confident. To any event really, which is why we loved the PSP changes at the beginning of the year; true semi and no layout release. World Cup especially because we prepare harder for that event than any. With as much time as we have on the field before world cup, there is really no excuse. You know every shot inside and out. It’s just comes down to execution.


12140575_1193068547376679_1012609944125643263_nWhere was the team performing well during the event? What were some things that just didn’t go as planned?
There were a number of pitfalls in our execution that event that prevented us from playing how we know we can play. The one thing that had a much greater effect on the event than most teams thought were the bounce shots. Sure there are bounce shots on every layout, but I’ve never played an event where they had such a huge effect on the way the field is played. Because of this, we changed game plans and added new ones that we hadn’t run at all in the weeks leading up. That being said, these are adjustments everyone had to make so there is no excuse.

At the end of the day, in terms of production, we really had an off event

across the board. Making for an extremely frustrating end to the season.


What are your plans for the off season?
As usual, there is “No Offseason”. I’ll enjoy the holidays with my loving family and friends, but you won’t see us taking time off from the gym or the paintball field. You can find us at our local fields getting our fix in with our autocockers haha.


What can we expect from Los Angeles Infamous next season?12241400_1210042195679314_419826648572519637_n
I’d expect to see a pissed off LA INFAMOUS coming in prepared to set the tone for the 2016 season.


Huge shout out to Empire Paintball, GI Sportz, and Mr. Travis Lemanski for making it all possible!

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