Big Orange Paint: Rocky Top Paintball at its Finest

By Jack Fowler Have you ever played Call of Duty?  Ever experienced the fast-paced, adrenaline-inducing gunfights that made the series a worldwide phenomenon?  How about Battlefield, Call of Duty’s more realistic rival, famous for its large scale battles and painfully accurate weapon effects?  How about any other first-person shooter?  If you have, then let me […]

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Ronin Jump Episode 1: Ronin

  Ronin Jump is a new paintball web series that features Tim Cerruti, as he trains for and plays paintball. Follow him this season as he looks for teams to compete with. And tag along as he tries to find funding for a team of his friends in the bay area to compete in the […]

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Arizona Seasons Ending

By: Bubba Lara  Here we are once again, and I am late with this as usual. It is the end of the season and we are going to take our breaks for the upcoming holidays. Get fat and happy on food while visiting family. But that is not why I am here right now. I […]

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