Bea’s Destiny Clinic and Training Day

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September 14, 2015




Hey Bea, How’s everything?
Everything is busy good! Thanks for asking.

What have you been up to lately?
When I’m not doing motherly or wifely duties, I’m working on Destiny Paintball and finding ways to encourage more people (with an emphasis on inspiring women) to give paintball a try.12002288_10207802545204040_4689413708903257123_n

How’s Destiny Doing?
We are still doing and have been doing a lot of collaborations! From 2004-2008, we did heaps of events, mostly in the NPPL (no sideline coaching) format. Took a break from 2008-2011 for personal reasons, then in 2012, we revived the team. I’m still friends with many Destiny alumni, so whenever I can get them rostered to an event, I try to pick them up.

This 2015 was a slower start for some of the Destiny core (been with Destiny more than 2 years straight) members to get together for several different reasons (Congrats to Linh Truong for giving birth to her first child and to Kat Secor for really taking off in the bodybuilding industry). We worked on some collaborative projects with Tami Adamson (from the Femmes Fatales) and went to Cancun to try out the Almost Famous Paintball League’s Redzone format as “Femmes Destiny”. I am working with Colombian Mostly-Female Team (one male rostered) “Low Profile Royalty” by guesting on their roster in the Colombian Circuit of Paintball (CCP). Some of us have traveled to Colombia to play with our Colombian sisters this year. They’ll also be meshing with us at World Cup Florida in the D4 5-man Division.

Destiny is not a fully-funded team – each player has to afford their own travel expenses along with the cost of entry and paint and everything else that costs the team money. We do get some assistance that helps with the gear and paint we need from sponsors like Valken, Anthrax, Planet Eclipse, and Pinokio. We also try to conduct fundraisers by selling merchandise and hosting clinics.

What is your main focus right now going into the last quarter of the year?
We are coming in strong at the 2015 World Cup Florida event Oct 17-18 weekend and bringing in 18 females to represent Destiny. We will be competing in the 10-man Open division as DESTINY, in 5-man Open pump as DESTINY X, and then 5-man D4 as LOW PROFILE DESTINY.

12007180_10207841267612076_1325240031_nWe are also traveling to Malaysia again and competing in the World Cup Asia for the third time as DESTINY and again, going with that collaboration concept, we are rostering two women who compete in the PALS Series – Singaporean Jane Koh and Malaysian Lisa Johari.

I hear you guys are doing a training day with Destiny at Camp Pendleton and The Ranch soon, what is going down? Who should come out?
Sept 26, Camp P, we are conducting a clinic on Saturday for just $70 for clinic instruction by Linh Truong and myself, and that price includes a case of paint. Send me a message at Destiny’s Facebook page to pre-register for this. We encourage any gender, doesn’t have to be only females, to come to our clinic at Camp Pendleton.

Sept 27, we are looking for more people to add to the list to simply practice with us at The Ranch in Whittier, CA. This is for very experienced at least D4 players to jump in with us (can be male or female). Linh Truong can be found on Facebook, or you can direct message us at our Facebook page if you want to jump in with us on this Sunday practice.12021767_10207841291052662_1450287610_n

Who’s gonna be there?
Along with myself, we will have Linh Truong, Mikaela Wilkins, and new recruits, Audrey Vazquez, Linh Nguyen, Kileigh “Pineapple” Shilling, and Ivonne Zamudio. We are trying out a couple girls during this clinic, so if any females want a chance to possibly roster on Destiny’s California team, come out to this clinic at Camp P.

What can people expect during the training day?
Basic Fundamentals, which is sometimes overlooked. Off the break laning, making the right primary to secondary moves, how to properly play behind a bunker with the things to think of when considering field awareness, communication tips, and closing games, plus whatever else we can fit into the 7 hour day.

Getting a female’s perspective on how to play paintball is extremely helpful to those women that are insecure or even intimidated by playing in a male-dominated sport. Let’s face it, not a lot of women choose to play paintball, but we hope through our example and dedication to the game will help inspire not only women to give paintball a shot and to stay committed, but to also show our male counterparts that it’s ok to roster females on your team, that it’s ok to play against women and not feel worried that they’re being overbearing, and that it’s ok to bring more women into the sport. The more, the merrier.


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