Audrey Eckroth Vazquez and DMG Gold

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September 17, 2015


Hey Audrey, thanks for doing the interview.

How’s everything going?
Everything is good, just getting ready to play World Cup in the NXL this October. I have a lot of paintball events coming up in these 2 months, and am gonna be crazy busy, but I love it.

What have you been up to lately?
I’ve just been working a lot, and playing paintball every weekend. I’m back at the gym so I can be stronger than ever for paintball and for myself. Besides that not too much going on with me. Just got married, I’m happy with my life, and what I have done these past couple years

 I know you just got married, how was it?
The wedding was awesome. It was at the Grand Island Mansion in walnut grove. The theme for it was red and cheetah, and it was beautiful. It was definitely one of the best weddings I’ve been to, and everyone had a blast. I would love to repeat that day for sure. It took a lot of time, and my family helped me out a lot. My step mom and sister did a lot of the decorations to help make it a beautiful day for me.
 How long have you been playing?
I’ve been playing for 10 years now. Crazy it has been that long. I never would’ve thought that on my first time stepping on a speedball field that I would be doing it for 10 years. It helped me out by keeping my mind off things, especially when my mom died, I broke down and paintball brought me back to life again. I will never stop playing paintball, it is one of the things that I love and it is a beautiful sport. 
What are some of the teams you’ve played on?
Since the beginning I’ve played on a lot of teams, with grrl on grrl, and random teams. I moved to Washington and I would  always guest with teams. Mostly because they didn’t have any stable teams up there to jump on with. I would practice with Seattle Thunder some times, which were good times for sure. I played with Femmes Fates at the 2008 World Cup, best experience I had at the age of 18. Right now, it is my 2nd year of playing on Dave Baines’ DMG, and I love it. Great experience for sure and I love the help.
11908940_1702493379970904_9215043741443828196_oWhats it like playing in the Sacramento DMG program?
DMG is a great team to play on, I would encourage anyone in the Nor Cal area to come on and try out for DMG. They are always looking for great players. The whole team treats you like family. I’ve been through a lot with them, and I’ve gotten better for sure. There is great talent on the team and I am hoping to play for the D3 team next year season.
How’s the year going so far for you guys?
I’m on DMG Gold, and this year for WCPPL’s first event we took 1st place. It felt awesome. It is always a good feeling to take 1st place. Last event at Capital Edge, we did not do so good. But in Vegas we are taking back the gold spot for sure. We are practicing every weekend before then. I have a lot of faith in my team. I’m so glad I’m apart of DMG Gold. They always have my back on anything.
What do you think are some of the team’s strengths?
We have great back players and great gun lane skills. We did amazing job at 1st event, but last event I don’t know what happened. But the WCPPL in November is going to be different, and we  are gonna be hungry for the gold. for sure.
What are some of the things the team’s been working on?
The whole team has been working on everything. Trying to fix a few things ,so we don’t mess up. Few of us are going to the NXL World Cup. So we are working for that right now.11223663_1702493489970893_3888384256145823892_o
What are some of the goals for the end of the season?
I have a lot of goals in life. Right now, I’m just gonna play my heart out every practice and event. I’m going to Florida, and play World Cup in the NXL with destiny in 10 man and 5 man. That will be a great experience, and going to the WCPPL again in November in Vegas, and win gold for my team DMG Gold in d4. Then after that, I’m hoping to take another 1st with my girls Amanda settler and Mikaela Wilkins in the Women’s Tournament in San Diego the weekend after Vegas. I have a lot of paintball coming up and I love it. Hoping to take 1st in all of them. Which is my big goal for the next 2 months.
Thank you for the interview, shout out to my team owner Dave Baines for all the help, and Chim for the awesome coaching, and pushing me with all I got. Also, thank you to the best Nor Cal field  Capital Edge in Sacramento for having me and being the best.
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