Ashley Erenas and Los Angeles Beatdown and the Happy Catz

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January 19, 2016

12362730_533733186791760_6031920416803229988_oHey Ashley! Hows everything?
Hello! Everything is great!

How long have you been playing for?
Well, I started in 2012 so about 3 years now.

Where did you first start playing?
I first started playing at Hollywood sports. Then few months into playing. I was invited to The Whittier Ranch private paintball field. Where I was introduced to Speedball. Ever since then I’ve been passionate about the sport.

What teams have you played on in the past?
 Never left my original first team Beatdown, ongoing for 3 years now. I participated in the WCW 3 man tournament with 2 amazing girls as passionate as I am about paintball and we called ourselves The Happy Catz.12307591_532688230229589_1685384541862627342_o

Who are you playing with now?

What’s your favorite thing about paintball?
The aggressive competition.

Who do you look up to in the sport?
I look up to Bea Paxon she’s truly a role model.

12248166_527545547410524_4035823168345134576_oHow did last season go for you?
It went okay, not as good as what I expected but every team has they’re moments.

What were your favorite moments?
My favorite moment was bumping up to Division 3 so quick. I was having a nervous breakdown and so thankful to my team mates that slapped me into my senses, and help me build confidence as a player.

What were you up to this off season?
Working out trying to get fit for the next season.

What are your plans for this year?
Looking into playing WCPPL, NXL, and in hopes to unite with my girls for some AFPL Red Zone.

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