Arturo Andrade and the MXL

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March 5, 2016



12184306_10153289804412972_2591263997351389907_oHey Arturo, how’s everything?
Everything is really great, I couldn’t ask for anything else.

How long have you been playing paintball?
I think it will be 13 years now.

What teams have you played for?
My first 2 teams when I started were Contra and then Quimera. After that I played for a team called kidz. Then we started the TJ Allstarz to play in Mexico. As well as NAUGHTY BY NATURE in the NPPL. Then I played a couple of events with BAD COMPANY in 2008 in the NPPL as well. Later we started competing as TJ Allstarz in the PSP. And now in the NXL we are the most successful team from Latin America.

12717326_10156544841440323_6823052255135317685_nCan you tell us a little bit about the MXL?
Of course, the MXL is a league that tries to give you the best experience in competitive paintball. Bringing the most professional refs, rules, and staff. It is ran by players for the players. Being a partner league with the WPBO and NXL it will assure that everyone will have a standardized and universal format everywhere they look. So they can compete everywhere in the world with the same ID system and rules.

We are really excited to start off this year, we are working with a lot of motivation and have invested a lot to grow and bring the best events to Mexico.

How long has the league been around?
I started the MPL (Mexican Paintball League) back in 2008 but we have been reborn this year and have become the MXL (Mexican Xball league)

What is the main focus of the league?
Our main focus is the growth of the sport here in Mexico, and the world. By making events as professional as possible. It will only help make teams better in every way possibles and helping teams compete in the NXL and making our paintball grow internationally.12779243_10207528452921851_2292175055141616585_o

How was last year for the MPL?
The MPL was a great year with 4 events, booked full every time.

Where will the league be heading to this year?

We are going to Guadalajara, Monterrey, Mexico City, and Playa del Carmen in the Caribbean.

What event do you look forward to the most?
Playa del Carmen definitely, we will have the Latin American World Cup there and it is in an all inclusive resort with the Caribbean as your background.

12806032_919764558141211_1785501508690562970_nWho are some of the teams in the league that you enjoy watching?
Scorpion Legacy for the heart they put in, and Black Water for their young talent.

What’s your favorite thing about paintball?
That it have given me so much, and that I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world. I look back and I realize how much experiences and stories I have to tell; and its all for paintball and this crazy life not everybody is lucky enough to understand. Plus it has given me so many brothers from another mother. You cannot ask for more.

Who is your favorite player?
Max Lundquist, he has taught me so much.

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