Amanda Setzer “Free Agent”

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October 2, 2015

11010534_10203374801725651_6939261300386087905_nHey Amanda, How’s it going?
Hey Tim, I’m doing really well. I’m preparing for another busy fall travel season, as well as preparing for World Cup.
Who are you playing with?
I started the season playing with the New Jersey Jesters. However, as much as I enjoyed my time with them, it wasn’t quite the right fit for me. I parted ways with them a few weeks before NXL’s Virginia Beach Open. Right now I’m floating around as a “free agent” here for the NXL. Our CXBL season just finished, which had been my main focus for a little while. I played my second season up in Canada with West Carleton Evolution, out of Marked Paintball. They are a very talented camp, and it was such a wild season. We clawed our way up from the bottom seed to first in our conference, and second overall in RXL, earning us a nice shiny MXL franchise for 2016.

What leagues are you playing in?
I started this season playing the one XPL event, and then headed to the AFPL in Cancun. I got to play in the last PSP in Dallas, and then our CXBL season kicked up, so between that and the NXL I’ve been fairly busy. I also played a few local events that were a lot of fun, like the PGPL & EPL here on the east coast.

How’s your season going so far?
It’s been such a wild season. I’ve really tried to dedicate as much time as I could to the game, to get the most out of my season. I played a lot of events with teams I had never met prior to flying out for the events. I feel like it’s really forced me to play better, and play more positions outside of my comfort zone. That’s one of my favorite things about this sport, you can hop on a plane and fly across the country not knowing anyone. But you fly home having gained 10 new friends. I’ve hit the podium more times this season than I could have ever imagined, and it’s really pushed me to play better and harder at each event. Its not always about winning though. I can get just as high off of playing well and being beat, that I get from playing through a whole event and getting up on that podium. I don’t mind being beat, but I do mind losing. At least I know if we get beat we went out there tried our best. Someone else was just better than us that day. Losing is if we went out there and just kept making careless errors, pissed off the ref staff, and had terrible sportsmanship. It is okay to get beat sometimes but it is never okay to lose.

What has been your main focus this year?
Improving my game, for sure. Like I said, I stepped out of my comfort zone a lot this year to make sure that I was getting the best practice I possibly could. I’ve been studying old events on youtube, and drilling as often as my schedule allows. I drive 3-5hrs each way, almost every weekend to practice. So I make sure it’s worth my time and really push myself to improve. Someone earlier this year told me; “The only person you need to be better than is the player you were the weekend before.” That’s stuck with me throughout this season and has been one of my little goals each week. I feel if you have made improvements in your game since the weekend before, than you’re on your way to having another successful event.
What are your plans for the rest of the year?
I am getting ready now for World Cup, I’d like to finish out the season strong playing Xball & 10man. After that I’ll actually be flying to San Diego for 8 days, and it worked out that there is another AFPL Redzone event that weekend so I am looking forward to playing another one of those events also. After that I’ll fly back out for the “West Coast Women’s” tournament, which will probably be my last event of the season. I am trying to plan my ACL Knee surgery around being able to be recovered and ready to play the first Millennium event next year.

What are you doing to prepare for those events?
Drilling. Lots of drills, watching lots of past events on youtube, once the layout is released I will spend the next few weekends in Maryland getting as many reps as possible on it. Trying to stay focused, and be mentally & physically prepared.
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How have you gone through almost 2 full seasons on a fully torn ACL?

Mind over matter. No pain no gain.  It hasn’t been easy, however it is possible. I focused a lot on building up the muscles around my knee to support what my ACL, MCL, & LCL are no longer there to do. I tape up my knee with KT tape when i play, which surprisingly is more supportive than you’d think. I try to keep up with my physical therapy. I own horses and riding has actually really helped keep my knee working properly and my leg nice and strong. I wouldn’t recommend putting off the surgery as long as I have, but it is definitely manageable. For me, I had stopped playing paintball for 4 years already, I just didn’t want to miss out on any more.


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